Saturday, May 3, 2014

Have You Been Bugged at Disney? Story Behind the Photo

By: Beth Skarp

We have been to Disney many times and at various times of the year. If you go during the warmer months, chances are you have experienced a mosquito or two not to mention those dreaded Love Bugs. Have you ever had a ladybug land on your arm or experienced a dragonfly riding The Walt Disney Railroad with you? We have. 

Here is a shot of my husband with a dragonfly that flew onto his shoulder. We actually rode twice around the parks with this “passenger” perched on his shoulder.

We thought perhaps he was just worn out from the high humidity and needed to rest his wings just a bit. No, he did not bite, although it does look like it from this picture.

The insects at Walt Disney World do serve a purpose. The ladybugs are used to keep the pest population down on the flowers and shrubbery around without the use of pesticides. Bees help to keep the flowers so beautiful and fragrant. Not sure what use the Love Bugs or mosquitoes are, but I am sure that they do serve some sort of purpose. 
So, next time you are feeling “bugged” at Disney, just remember this. You may be providing some much needed rest or information to our “winged” cast members.


  1. what a fantastic story...and a great picture!

  2. I love this! We would have done the same thing Beth, ridden the train until "our" passenger got off. Great article!

  3. I love going on the Behind the Seeds Tour and getting to release Lady Bugs from hibernation!
    Don't frogs eat mosquitos? Must be all part of the circle of life.
    Terrific photo!

  4. Thanks for sharing! That's a big dragonfly. Beautiful insect.


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