Friday, May 16, 2014

Favorite Food Friday: Tonga Toast at Disney's Polynesian Resort

by: Nick

Have you ever tried Tonga Toast, which can be found at the Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Resort?

Tonga Toast is a classic, as it has been served at the Polynesian since 1971. It's sourdough bread, stuffed with banana and deep fried.

It's served with a delicious Stawberry Compote.

I first had this delicious entree almost 20 years ago, and I've only had it twice, mostly because it's a bit of a trip to get to the Poly for breakfast, but we may have to put it into regular rotation.

The recipe from Magical Recipes:

    Tonga Toast
  1. 2 or 4 slices sourdough bread, cut 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick
  2. 1 banana
  3. 1/3 cup sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon cinnamon 
  5. 1 egg
  6. 1/4 cup milk
  7. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  8. oil or shortening for frying
  9. whipped butter and/or syrup
  10. Strawberry Compote
  11. 10 large strawberries
  12. 1/4 cup sugar
  13. 1 teaspoon vanilla
    Tonga Toast
  1. Cut a 1-inch pocket in one side of each bread slice.
  2. Cut banana in half crosswise, then split each piece lengthwise.
  3. Remove peel and stuff 2 pieces of fruit in each pocket of bread; set aside.
  4. Mix sugar and cinnamon; set aside.
  5. Mix well the egg, milk and vanilla.
  6. Heat about 4 inches of oil in a pan to 350 degrees F.
  7. Dip stuffed bread into egg/milk mixture and let it soak a few seconds to let penetrate bread.
  8. Fry bread on both sides in hot oil until lightly browned, about 3 minutes.
  9. Drain on paper towels or wire rack.
  10. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and serve.
  11. Strawberry Compote
  12. Slice 6 strawberries and place in small pot.
  13. Add sugar and vanilla, stir.
  14. Cook over medium-high heat for 5-7 minutes until mixtures starts to boil.
  15. Place 4 sliced strawberries in a blender or food processor.
  16. Add cooked strawberry mixture and blend until smooth.
  17. Serve warm or cold.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen the Tonga Toast in a picture where you're able to realize how humongous it is. We need to try to get over there again.

  2. Oh yeah, love Tonga Toast and even with the recipe! I'll have to give it a try at home now. Man I'm hungry. Thanks for sharing and linking up today!

  3. I've never tried it but have heard SO MUCH about it that it's on my "eventually must-do" list. :) It really does look delicious.

  4. I've made some Tonga Toast at home and it was delicious! I haven't tried it at the Poly yet. I think that might get added to my list for my next trip.


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