Sunday, May 29, 2016

Epsiode 76 of The Disney Exchange: Avoiding Overindulging at Walt Disney World

By Nick 

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076 The Disney Exchange - Avoiding Overindulging at Walt Disney World. 

The Disney Exchange is Lisa, Dave, and me, Nick! Hello.

Pictured above, Nick and Lisa not being adults. Please address all hate mail to David Hodges. You'll know why when you listen to the show.

We start off addressing an email from listener Ken and share our thoughts on making a solo trip memorable.

Our main topic covers how not to overindulge while at Walt Disney World in the categories money, food, souvenirs, adult beverages & doing too much in one day.

Photo: Lisa

Photo: Lisa

There seems to be a theme to the photos this week, but I can't put a finger on it.

This week's Wheel of Distiny topic is from listener Nicole: Do you avoid parks with Extra Magic Hours?

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

That One Time I Almost Rode Dumbo

By Lisa Green 

On our last visit to Walt Disney World, we were in the Magic Kingdom and on a roll!  We’d started the day on Splash Mountain, dried off by cruising around Tomorrowland on the PeopleMover, we’d seen the Country Bears, Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents – We were unstoppable!  Then, I thought, HEY!  We could try out the updated Dumbo over in Fantasyland.  Raymond was okay with that and we jumped in the standby line which had a posted wait of 30 minutes.  I’m having a great day, getting so much accomplished, living the dream, baby – what’s one 30 minute wait going to hurt, right?


We were outside, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, taking in the sights and sounds of the Storybook Circus area.  The first part of the standby line is covered and moved right along.  Next, we went inside to wait.  At this point I noticed the family behind me (Mom & Dad, little boy and girl) because the little boy, who was probably 8 or so, kept getting really close to the back of me and occasionally bumped into me.  Into my posterior specifically.  I’d move to the other side of the aisle, but he kept ending up directly behind me, continuing to bump into me.  It’s no secret that I don’t think all children are precious and adorable; I’m also somewhat of a germaphobe and kind of weird about being touched by strangers.   Raymond, once aware of my situation, put himself between the personal-space-invader and me, so I could go back to taking in my surroundings.

This was the point where we reached a sort of check-in desk for the Dumbo waiting play area.  The fact that not a single Cast Member looked happy or even pleasant should have been a clue to what we were about to experience, but it was my first visit there and I’d read practically nothing but the most general information about the new Dumbo.  The dad behind me exclaimed that Disney Imagineers are pure genius to have thought of something so wonderful!  We were handed an electronic “ticket” that would vibrate/flash or something when it was time to get on the ride.  We stepped through the opening to that waiting area…and into hell.


Children were running, screaming, jumping, chasing, climbing, and creating serious mayhem.  I was still okay, though, because I notice to the far left in a dark corner of the room was a bench where a handful of other grownups had gathered to wait.  I grabbed Raymond’s hand and bee-lined for the relative peace of the seating area.  We sat.  I looked around at all those kids.  There was a pretend barrel of rockets in front of us and a couple of girls found that they could push some buttons to make lights flash and pretend fireworks sounds happen.  I casually mentioned to Raymond (I did have to talk pretty loud so he could hear me) that maybe if you had children burning off steam in the play area, it was much more tolerable and less hell-like.  The instant the words left my mouth, the lady sitting next to me, with all seriousness said, “No!  No, it’s not.”


We sat for what seemed like an hour, but was in reality probably 2 more minutes during which those two little girls at the rocket-barrel pushed the same buttons to make lights and sounds about 5,627 times.  I turned to Raymond and said, “I’m really sorry about this.” – He’s sweet, so he told me not to worry about it.  He knew what I was going to say next….”I’m pretty sure I can’t make it and I have to leave now.”  Of course, he said, “Let’s go.”


I took my ticket back to the Cast Member at the check in counter and held it out as I told her, “I tried, I really tried, but I can’t take it.  How can I get out of here?”  She, with just the slightest, barely discernable look of sympathy, silently pointed to an exit back through the play area on the far wall and, again, grabbing Raymond’s hand we walked as quickly as we could, pushed through the door, and found ourselves in an amazingly empty, and blessedly quiet alleyway.  I apologized all the way to the Little Mermaid ride where the line was short and I could recover my composure in the relative isolation of a clam-mobile.

Have you made it onto the new Dumbo ride?  If so, I admire your fortitude!!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Where in Walt Disney World - Parrot Light and The Great Wall of China

By Nick 

 Where in Walt Disney World would you find this Parrot chandelier light as well as what the Cast Members that work here call "The Great Wall of China?"

The answer is below the photo-no peaking!

ɯopbuıʞ ɔıbɐɯ ǝɥʇ uı uǝǝʇuɐɔ ɹǝddıʞs ˙pʇן ˙oɔ uoıʇɐbıʌɐu ǝןbunظ

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Episode 75 of The Disney Exchange- Summer Awakens at Walt Disney World

By Nick

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The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, Dave Hodges, and me, Nick Maglio.

The show begins with my feedback on last week's show, which I was mostly absent for (I apologize to my legion of fan(s?)), because I was having dinner at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom thanks to friends Alison and Jim, and I share my favorite scene from The Little Mermaid.

This episode continues in the right direction as my favorite topic is discussed. Me.

I share observances and thoughts from my recent trip to Walt Disney World, such as the Casey's Hot Dog Cart that now goes up and down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom before the Festival of Fantasy, as well as new PhotoPass opportunities which I also noticed prior to the FoF parade.


There are also a few new surprises to be found during the Hitchhiking Ghosts scene in The Haunted Mansion (wish I had a photo, sorry) which you may find to be very cool or very creepy!

Haunted Mansion

I go on to talk about my After Hours at the Magic Kingdom experience, which was a lovely gift from Alison and Jim.

Also After Hours 

We go on to discuss many of the events that are due to debut this Summer at Walt Disney World.

Well, Dave and I do. Lisa is mostly busy on Twitter!

The Wheel of Distiny topic is brought to us by listener Dexter L : Who was your first Disney guide and how did they help with your love of Disney?


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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Liberty Square in Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square 
By Lisa Green 
The Liberty Bell in Walt Disney World's Liberty Square 

So much goodness can be found in a very special little corner of Magic Kingdom – Liberty Square!  I like to approach this section of the park through Fantasyland to fully enjoy this carefully crafted walk through time.  Don’t know what I mean?  Liberty Square is the symbolic beginning of these United States of America!  As you walk towards and through Frontierland, you move through history!

Let’s go back in time to Colonial America.  Check the buildings’ architecture, style, and colors and you’ll be transported back to a time when there were, in this country, just 13 colonies struggling for liberty – thus the name of today’s focus!  Don’t miss the Liberty Bell (reproduction) and the stockade for some great photo ops!  A humble little area with only a very few attractions and eateries, the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World would certainly not be the same without it.

Lots of Love for Liberty Square

The Liberty Belle is a beauty!  This paddlewheel boat is graceful and majestic and offers guests a relaxing way to enjoy the Rivers of America.  While I prefer to enjoy her beauty from the shore rather than aboard her decks – there’s no denying how impressive this riverboat is in all her whitewashed glory.

The Hall of Presidents – Don’t be ashamed if you’re a fan!  Go ahead, hold your head up with pride.  You’re not a stuffy, geeky brainiac – you’ve got a great appreciation for a unique and very “Disney” experience.  In New York at the 1964 World’s Fair, Walt Disney’s Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln first appeared in the Illinois Pavilion.  Once Disney had Honest Abe – the very first animatronic human – the rest of the presidents were not far behind.  A virtual haul of presidents!  (Don’t hurt yourself)

Hall of Presidents / Walt Disney World

Haunted Mansion – Don’t tell me this doesn’t rank in your top 10 favorite Disney attractions.  Either I won’t believe you or I’ll have to stop being your friend.  This ride’s got it ALL!  Great sound and special effects, perfect balance of fun and creepy/scary-ness, awesome ride vehicles, great music – what more could a Disney fan ask for?

Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

What’s YOUR favorite thing about Liberty Square?   

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Tex-Mex at Pecos Bill in the Magic Kindgdom

By Nick

A few months ago there was a change to the menu at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe in Walt Disney World. They started serving Tex-Mex inspired items, replacing their popular burger selections. I gave a couple of items a try back in January.

Let's take a look at the new offerings.

Not shown above is a Taco Burger topped with Seasoned Ground Beef and Pepper Jack Cheese and served with a side of Tortilla Chips and Beef Nachos, Tortilla Chips topped with Seasoned Ground Beef, Tomatoes, and Lettuce.

There is also a fixin's bar, just like in the burger days, this time with salsas and quacamole.  

On my first visit I had the Chicken Burrito, and it was very good, but extremely messy and unwieldy, so I would go for the Fajita Platter as an alternative.

On the next stop, I had the Southwest Burger, and this was also very tasty, and...a burger! So Pecos Bill is still a great stop for that all American favorite.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Episode 74 of The Disney Exchange - Beating the Heat at Walt Disney World

074 The Disney Exchange – Hot Weather Survival Tips 

By Lisa Green 
Nick at Disney Springs 

This week Nick’s at Walt Disney World.  Dave and I are not.  While this episode is not completely Nick-free (he does make time in his precious vacation schedule to call in from Be Our Guest to gloat a bit), Dave and I are left to our own devices to carry on with this week’s topic…


Hot Weather Survival Tips

To make this easier, we broke down the tips into four categories:
  1. Dealing with the scorching sun & humidity (You will, at times, feel like you are 5 inches from the sun!)
  2. Strategies for staying cool while touring the parks (Yes, you can plan your touring to maximize shade!)
  3. Coping with the daily rain shower (It’s going to happen! Beware!)
  4. Escaping the heat outside the parks (There’s more to do than swim!)
It should come as no surprise to you that we don’t do a great job of staying with the outline.  I’ll blame it on Nick.  Yes, it’s absolutely Nick’s fault for leaving us alone to carry on without him.  He’s having a LOT of fun without us and that hurts our feelings so much we can’t concentrate.  We do manage to list some helpful tips for summer Disney World vacations, I think.  I don’t think I mentioned the cooling effects of a Citrus Swirl, so here’s a bonus tip for reading these show notes!


We also discuss wether or not I should spend $80 per person for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (7 adults) or use that money to eat dinner at Shula’s Steakhouse instead.  Please help me decide!  Go take the poll Dave set up on Twitter.

As always, we appreciate each and every one of you for listening (and actually reading these show notes!).  We know there are dozens (hundreds?) of Disney fan podcasts to choose from and we’re delighted and proud that you make time to listen to this one!  We love interacting with you on social media, so please!!!! if you don’t already follow us on Facebook and Twitter, pop on over and join the fun!

Here are some pictures of Nick – he told me I had to include plenty of them in the show notes or you’d be unhappy.  Nick says, “You’re welcome.”
Nick at WDW

  Nick in the Treehouse

Nick & Beer