Friday, September 27, 2013

Figment is Going to Walt Disney World!

By: Nick Maglio

Figment has his bags packed, and, not surprisingly, he's heading to Walt Disney World, and more specifically, Epcot.

Instead of an ID, credit cards, and photos of Dreamfinder, Figment's wallet seems to contain, well, his name. Which, I suppose, makes that his ID.

This large resin Figment was a gift from my wife. She won't divulge the price, but says she got a good deal on eBay, not anywhere near the original price of $95, from The Art of Disney shop, in Downtown Disney.

At 9 inches tall, and 7 wide, this is a hefty piece.

But back to Figment and his trip to Disney World. What do you suppose he has packed in those bags? 
Well, let's take a look in the one on the ground there.

Hmm, looks like a shirt.

It is indeed a shirt. A Figment shirt!

Actually, it's a Figment shirt, resin pin.

Tomorrow we are also heading to Walt Disney World,  and I'm sure we'll see Figment there!
And, yes, I packed a Figment shirt too!

We'll be away at Walt Disney World for a week, but we'll be sharing trip photos here and on our Facebook page:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Disney Vacation Too Excited To Sleep Syndrome

By: Nick Maglio

If you are anything like me, about a week, sometimes 2 weeks, before a Disney Vacation, you start having restless nights. Then, the night before your magical journey is about to begin, you are wide awake, tossing and turning, watching the clock.

I call this TETSS. Too Excited To Sleep Syndrome, and it's a serious problem.

Over the years, I've developed a routine to combat this problem, and it works, to lesser or greater degree, each trip I:
  • Take 1 Tylenol PM (2 would make me too groggy the next morning)
  • Drink 1 cup of Chamomile tea (don't drink too many fluids, or THAT can be an issue!)
  • Have a light meal, trying to avoid anything too salty or heavy, or caffeinated
  • Try not to go to bed until 8 hours before I intend to get up, knowing I'll likely only get 6, 7 if I'm lucky. I used to try to go to bed ridiculously early the night before, and would wind up waking up 4 hours later, unable to get back to sleep. 
This isn't an exact science, but try some of these suggestions out before your next trip, and perhaps you too can overcome the dreaded TETSS!

Portions of this article were originally posted on the Tips From the Disney Divas and Devos Blog, where Nick is a contributing writer.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dapper Cadaver Dans

Guest Writer Wednesday

Dapper Cadaver Dans
By: Gaylin

Have you ever gone to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party? I have and I love it. The costumes, the dance parties, trick or treating, pretty much everything about it makes me happy. And don't get me started on the parade, Boo To You! My favorite parade ever.

One bit of entertainment that I haven't heard mentioned is the Cadaver Dans. The lovely barbershop quartet that you see on Main Street during the day, the Dapper Dans, morph into the Cadaver Dans for the party. An entirely different selection of songs, some 'graveyard' humour with a lot of bad puns thrown in. I admit, the last party I went to, they were the highlight. I laughed so hard at their bad jokes that they kept saying they were going to hire me to come to everyone of their shows.

And of course, their outfits are quite a bit different then their regular apparel!

They wanted me to get a good photo with them but the first attempt really didn't work as expected!

This next shot is a great one of me and my cadaver friends! If you go to the party, they do their show in Frontierland and it is actually piped in the speaker system in the shops of the area so they are easy to hear and once they get going, they are hard to walk away from.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Belle Vue Lounge at Disney's Boardwalk

By: Nick Maglio

A while back, I shared a look at my DVC home resort, Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

One of my favorite things about the resort is having breakfast at the Belle Vue Lounge, served from 6:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. daily.

It's a favorite, not because there is an expansive spread. Indeed, there is basically only coffee, tea, fruit and pastries from the Boardwalk Bakery.

The atmosphere is what I really enjoy.
Located off the main lobby, as you walk down the hall towards it, it's like you are entering a bygone era.

There is 40's music playing faintly in the background, similar to what you'd hear at Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios.
There is also the great theme, that of a game lounge.

Most mornings, you'll find Mary behind the counter. Mary has been with the Disney Company 33 years, and has been at the Boardwalk for 9 of those years. Her bubbly personality will bring a smile to your face, no matter how tired you may be.

And there is the comfy chairs, both inside, and out, to relax in, while you plan your day at the parks.

So, if you stay here, and want to begin your hectic day with a relaxing meal, I highly recommend the Belle Vue Lounge.

This article was originally posted on the Tips From the Disney Divas and Devos Blog, where Nick is a contributing writer.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Accidental Winnie the Pooh Collection

The accidental collection, or how to start collecting a whole new grouping of items when I said I was done!

It all started with this Pooh bank, a flea market find. His face was so irresistible, there was no leaving him behind! Who knew that would open the floodgates for the Pooh merchandise to make its way into the house?

Nick bought me the little WDCC Pooh with the hunny pot, which I immediately ruined! You can't see where from this pic, but he was sitting on the kitchen window sill (this very one) with the rest of the collection and when I went to open the window, his little bib caught on the window lip and flipped him right off onto the hard counter. Needless to say, I couldn't fix the bib ties, they were smashed into smithereens, how the rest of the figurine wasn't, I will never know!

I promptly moved the Winnie the Pooh collection over to the kitchen desk, and it grew from there.

We found this Pooh at the flea market as well, and since he was so similar to the bank we got earlier, we brought him home too, and now there were three, which makes a collection. We have not been able to stop either! Would you be able to resist those faces?

On a side note, when I was a little girl, my grandparents gave me a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. I loved that toy. Like my Donald Duck stuffed animal, I don't know what happened to my Pooh Bear. He has been on a list in the back of my mind, a quest, a holy grail if you will. One day I will find him again. This was as close as I could get.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Autumn! Downtown Disney Desktop

Today is the first day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, so I thought I'd share this desktop photo, taken in 2012 at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Disney Animation Collection 2: The Three Little Pigs

I confess, I was never a big Three Little Pigs fan. I knew the song of course, what Disney fan hasn't heard "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf'? But I never got it. Well, I thought I didn't. Then I read a terrific article in D23 magazine, which prompted me to watch it on YouTube. Then I downloaded it from iTunes!

This classic Academy Award winning Silly Symphony released in 1933 is one of the most famous Disney cartoons, and a leap forward for character development.

Watching it brought back a wave of nostalgia. I had seen this as a child, and the scenes with the Wolf blowing down Fifer and Fiddler Pig's homes was especially vivid.

On the right, the Wolf about to blow the house down. 

There are some edgier little visual gags, such as the picture of "Father" as a link of sausages, which hangs in Practical Pig's house, and the Wolf's disguises are especially funny.

I was happy to discover the Disney Animation Collection 2, available on Netflix, not only features the The Three Little Pigs, but 2 of it's 3 sequels (I'm not sure why all 3 aren't on this) along with 4 other shorts.

Following the Three Little Pigs is it's 1934 sequel, The Big Bad Wolf, which adds Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma into the mix.
While this isn't as strong as a whole, I feel the animation is better. The edginess continues, with the Wolf dressing as Grandma and breaking the 4th wall by asking how he's doing at one point. There is even a moment which "dates" this, when the Wolf imitates Jimmy Durante at one point.

This is followed by another sequel, Three Little Wolves, from 1936. By now I started wondering why Practical Pig continued saving his ungrateful and lazy brothers. But save them he does with his "Wolf Pacifier". This is even edgier, and, well, a bit odd, when at one point the Wolf dressed as Little Bo Peep, locks Fifer and Fiddler in behind him, to which the Pigs reply with a blush, "Why, Bo Peep!"
It's interesting to see the progression in the skill of the animators from one short to the next, and while this is the weakest of the 3 cartoons, it's the strongest animation.

The next cartoon is a wonderful short from 1952, which I featured here on Disney Musings in the past, Lambert the Sheepish Lion about a lion cub who is mistakenly left with a flock of sheep by a stork.

I've used the word edgy several times in this post, and this next animated short is the edgiest of the bunch, if not one of the edgiest cartoons by Disney ever! Chicken Little, released in 1943, is obviously an allegory for World War II, and has a very dark, disturbing, and cautionary ending.

The next cartoon is a Silly Symphony I'd never seen, The Three Blind Mousketeers, from 1936, which takes the 3 blind mice and makes them swashbuckling Musketeers, fighting a tyrannical cat trying to keep them from feasting. It starts rather slow, but gets more enjoyable as it goes on.

Rounding out the set is another Silly Symophony I'd never a seen, even though I've seen the star several times. Elmer Elephant, from 1936, is invited to Tillie Tiger's birthday party. Tillie loves Elmer, but the other animals incessant teasing drives him off, until an emergency flares up, and Elmer saves the day, and Tillie reveals her love for our hero. This is a very sweet cartoon, and a nice way to end the set.

Friday, September 20, 2013

More Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Mini Figures!

For my birthday, my wife picked me up a few Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Mini Figures.  
I loved the ones I got, and went on a search on eBay for more. Some of the more rare figures go for appropriately higher prices, but I managed to get a couple at a more reasonable cost. I've included the ratio chart at the bottom for reference.
The first figure I got was this Winnie the Pooh.
I love his facial expression. His distribution in the set is 1/18. 

I got him for $5.59, including shipping.

I got the next three from the same seller.
This is the only Tinker Bell I like from the series, as I feel her eyes are too large in the other 2 figures. 

Not that her head isn't too big! It is also the rarest Tink, at 1 in 144. But I got her for an extremely reasonable $3.25.

Next, we have Mickey Mouse. He's 1 in 18, and I got him for $2.25!

Last, but not least, we have Stitch.

This is the rarest Stitch figure, 1 in 72, and his price-tag reflected this, $8.09.

I really am surprised at how reasonably priced these are in comparison to Vinylmation. I think they are much more expressive, if not nearly as plentiful.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flynn's First Trip to Disneyland : Story Behind the Photo

This photo of Barbie and our Godson Flynn was taken on our Southwest Airlines flight to Los Angeles, where we spent 3 nights at the Disneyland Resort. He's holding the plush Mickey we'd given him on the day he was born, before we even knew we'd have the great honor and pleasure of being his Godparents.
Flynn was 3 and a half at the time, and, while he'd been to a Disney Park before, when he was just 15 months old, this was his first trip to Disneyland, and the first where he was able to really grasp the enormity of, in his own words, meeting Mickey Mouse!
In fact, when I took this photo, I had just asked if he was excited to meet Mickey Mouse, to which he gave an enthusiastic "Yes!'
Well, did he meet the main Mouse?
Of course!

Flynn with his parents, Todd and Meghan

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

14 Reasons For Going Solo at Disney

Guest Writer Wednesday
14 Reasons For Going Solo at Disney
By: Beth Skarp
Many have asked over the years, does it really make sense to head off to Disney World or Disneyland sans the family, going solo.  Having done this several times, I say emphatically—YES!!  Rather than share in bits and pieces why it is a good idea, I am going to share with you my reasons, in order, of why I enjoy going solo.
First, understand that I have a very supportive and wonderful husband who insists that I take this time away.  We have a house full of “permanent kids” who require our full attention 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Since our permanent kids are females, most of the care for them falls on my shoulders, for obvious reasons.  Every now and again, I need to take a break in order to be a better caregiver and Mom to my special needs girls.  So, we plan, we save, and once or twice a year both my husband and I take a solo trip, sans the family.  His trips take him many places while my trips take me to Disney.  We have been able to enjoy Disney as a couple, but with the special individual needs of our girls, it is best and easiest for taking solo trips. 
So, here in order are my personal favorite reasons for going solo to Disney.
1.            Lighten Up--Yes, traveling solo means most times I have only two cases, and they are rather small at that.  I have an ample sized carry on case where most of my clothing goes. I then have a small checked bag.  The only reason for the checked bag is because I need the room for the “liquids” that I can’t carry with me on the plane, such as my coffee creamers and my hygiene products.  It also allows me to have room for any souvenirs I purchase as well as my extra shoes for walking (and I walk—LOTS!)  One small suitcase to check, and one carry on.  Makes it really easy for me to get where I am going to and from the airports quickly.
2.            ME Time— Nope, not talking about Magical Express here, but honest to goodness time for just ME—Beth Skarp.  When I take a solo trip to Disney, I get to focus on just one individual, that individual being yours truly.  I get to choose where and when I want to be at any given time.  And this sounds somewhat selfish, but, I get to make all the decisions that will please ME and not worry about someone else.  I am not listening to “Mom will you help me with…” or “Mom, how much longer will you be in the bathroom”, or “Mom, what is to eat”.   For this time, I am not a Mom, but an individual.  I can run a tub of hot water, add some scented bubbles, and just relax.  I can eat super early or super late or just when the mood strikes me.  I have no responsibilities to anyone but ME. 
3.            Dress Up Time—OK, this may not mean much to most of you, but for me, it is huge.  I spend so much time making sure my husband and the girls are ready to go wherever that I don’t always get the time to get me dressed and ready to go.  Don’t get me wrong, I have clothes on, but they are my typical “Mom Uniform” of jeans or sweats and a t-shirt or sweatshirt.  Invariably, something happens and I need to make a “before we get out the door” change.  Most times something gets spilled on me, or time runs out before we need to be out the door, so it is a literal “grab and run” outfit sans makeup, jewelry or even matching socks.  Going solo, I can be fashionable and not look like a typical Mom.  I can put on makeup and jewelry, have a coordinated outfit, and take time to style my hair to get ready for a day of doing Disney.  My Mom Uniform along with my normal white tennis shoes usually stays home, so I get to be a stylish individual for the week.
4.            Stop And L-O-O-K!—I am not talking about rushing from the resorts to the parks or going from a ride to say dining or entertainment here.  Rather I am calculating when we were last at a bathroom, how long it has been, and whether or not we need to find a Family or Companion bathroom yet again.  I also need to make sure that I incorporate the needs and wants of not only the girls, but my husband as well.  Where have we agreed we would be at this time?  What shows/rides/parades were our “must see, must do” for this park on this day?  What is the easiest means of getting where I need to go—both for the wheelchair, the person pushing the wheelchair, and those who are walking?  Going solo, I have NO plans or schedule.  I meander.  I people watch.  I stop for things just because.  If something catches my eye, I can stop and explore it fully—including taking time to smell the flowers or roses along the pathways.  Time simply doesn’t exist (except for knowing when the parks open and close).  Sometimes I am able to snag a great dining reservation, so I need to know how long I have before I need to be at my dining destination.  In fact, I almost don’t need a watch at all.
5.            Girlfriend Time—A couple of times I have gone solo to Disney, I have been able to meet up with friends, male and female, who live in the local area.  We are able to get together for dinner, touring a show or special event such as Food & Wine or the Flower and Garden Show, or taking in a park or two while enjoying the rides and attractions for the day.  This time will be no exception.  I am looking forward to meeting at least two of my best friends.  Getting together with Disney Peeps or best friends while at Disney is always fun.  And the best part, I can spend as little or as much time with my friends as I want and not have to worry about infringing on “family” time.  When girlfriends can spend the night with me, even better. 
6.            Savor the Flavor— My family enjoys sampling new and exciting things to eat.  Yep, they have eaten snails and other exotic foods and love them.  However, the girls do get bored easily and can’t wait to get out and get going in the parks once again.  They don’t have the patience to want to sit and savor what they are eating and enjoy every aspect of the dining experience.  Also, sorry to say this, but Disney is not truly set up to accommodate wheelchairs in all of their dining venues without a bit of juggling and maneuvering on the part of the wheelchair “handler” to get the wheelchair and the diners into their venue and up to the tables comfortably.  Not saying it can’t be done, but that it is truly a hassle.  Going solo means I can become more adventurous and enjoy my meal. I can dine at places that don’t readily accommodate the wheelchair.  I am often asked if I feel subconscious about eating alone.  Rarely—if ever.  There are places where you can be part of a group if you wish such as at Teppan Edo or Biergarten.  Or, you can choose to enjoy eating by yourself—the choice is truly yours.  Want to take your time and enjoy an appetizer fully before the main meal—you can do this.  Maybe it’s me, but I like to taste then determine if I can figure out all the spices or seasonings used to make my food.  And yes, I admit it.  I hate to share my desserts.  Some of them are just too good to share. My secret to feeling less conspicuous while dining solo…take along a small journal style notebook while dining alone.  No, you don’t have to read (other diners may think you are).  Rather, the journal allows me to take notes of what I have eaten and share these observations with others—like my fellow Disney lovers.  And believe it or not, it also opens up dialogues between not only other Disney diners but the wait staff as well.  With my Disney themed journal, diners believe I am either some celebrity food writer and ask me questions about the food, OR, I must know a bit about Disney so they ask me park or touring questions.  Don’t tell, but I have had the wait staff bring me out something new or different the chef is working on, just to ask my opinions.  Love this.  Because I am not rushed with dinner, I can savor the flavors of what is presented to me and give a more honest review on what I am sampling.
7.            Adult Drinks—Yes, I like to imbibe every now and again.  Going solo, I have more freedom to do this.  Since I am not worried about the time, it truly can be 5:00 anytime for me (if I want it to be).  Anyone care to join me for a Lapu Lapu, Backscratcher, Gran Marnier Slushie or Rum Runner just to name a few of my favorites.  And let’s not forget about the great additions that can be added to your coffee.  I love the Moroccan coffees at Tangierine CafĂ©.
8.            Grown Up Entertainment—There are so many places to enjoy entertainment once the parks close down.  Having a wheelchair, it is hard to get into these venues comfortably without feeling crowded or on display.  When your “kids” need to be in bed by around 9:30 pm or so, well, it makes it somewhat difficult to enjoy Disney after the sun goes down.  Going solo, not only can I take better advantage of the evening Extra Magic Hours, I can also take advantage of the various adult lounges and nightclubs.  Atlantic Dance is not one of my favorite places to be (too loud and boisterous, and I am not much of a dancer) but I do enjoy Jellyrolls.  The dueling pianos are so much fun, and the crowds are lively without being boisterous.  I don’t feel as if I need to be on a date or with a bunch of girlfriends in order to enjoy going here.  I also enjoy YeeHaw Bob at Port Orleans Riverside (although to be honest, he can get on my nerves at times).  Not a beer drinker, but I do enjoy sitting out at the Big River Grille and Brewing works while watching the happenings on the Boardwalk.  Todd’s English Bluezoo Bar is also nice, but a bit upscale for my liking.  Crew’s Cup or Martha’s Vineyard near Yacht & Beach Club is also a nice place to relax and just unwind.  My personal favorite is to take the water taxi from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney and enjoy the happenings there.  If you want something fun to do after the sun goes down, you can usually find it at Downtown Disney.  Whether it is a late night movie, bowling at Splitsville or eating later than usual, Downtown Disney cranks up when the sun goes down.  Have been to Cique de Soleil for their late show and then enjoyed some music, dinner and drinks at House of Blues after the show.  That was really nice.  If night time is your time, then you will find lots to do while at Disney.
9.            Front and Center—Many times it is easier to get a single person into a show or at a prime location for a parade then it is for an entire family or group.  Many times I have gone just before the show began to see if I could get in.  There is most usually room for one more individual, if you are nice about the approach.  If I see a spot for say Finding Nemo or Fantasmic that is closer to the action, and it appears that there is ample room, I have no problems asking, politely of course, if I can sit there.  Most times it is not an issue.  This is especially true if you find a family with young kids.  Just offering a distraction for the kids (someone new…takes their minds off of the wait time) seems to make everyone happier.  For parades, I can usually snag a spot where I can get great pictures, and not be in the way of those who have been sitting for a while or staked their claims.  It really isn’t too hard to find a spot.  Simply asking if you can join their group works.  I can’t really say how this works for me, it just seems to work out for me.
10.       Ahhhhhh…..The Spas—Yep, love me a good manicure or pedicure, not to mention a massage or bit of personal pampering.  I have been to the spa at Saratoga Springs twice and absolutely loved it.  At the spas, I am pampered, I am beautified, and I am truly relaxed.  I feel like I am truly a new person.  Oh, and if you get a treatment say a day or two before you head back to reality and home…well, let’s just say that the homecoming can be a little bit more magical and special as well if you catch my drift.
11.       Shop Till You Drop (or at least until the credit card says stop)—  Yes, I usually come home with a souvenir or two for the family from my trips.  I love to shop, and it is hard for me to get “just something” for the girls or my husband.  I want to take my time and get the perfect gift, spending the least amount possible to do this.  While in the parks or resorts, I take note of what I have seen, for whom, the price, and the item number.  I then prioritize what I wish to buy and plan my shopping attack.  Sure, this will involve doing some running around and advanced planning for my shopping day on my part.  However, if I simply don’t want to do this (or I don’t feel I have the room in my luggage to transport the items back home), I don’t.  I have the item numbers and the names of the merchandise I want to purchase, including where said items were seen.  It is really just a quick call to Disney Merchandising to tell them not only where I saw the item, when I saw it, how much it was, the item number (very, very helpful) and what I want.  Disney does the shopping for me including shipping the package directly to my door.  Best of all, Mom is once again “The Bestest Mom in the WORLD”.  Can’t beat that with a stick.
12.       Singles Welcome—I bet you were wondering if I went on any rides.  Yep!  I get to ride the ones the girls simply can’t ride or don’t really like.  Fast Pass is a great idea, and I do make use of this for the rides I want to take advantage of.  Another great option is the Single Rider Lines.  Many rides within the parks still have these, and when they do I avail myself of this line.  I have no problems at all riding with a total stranger (chances are I will not see this individual again in the parks).  Also, if you keep your eyes and ears peeled, many times you will hear a Cast Member or CM saying “party of one or two”.  You can then walk past others in line and ride.
13.       Tours and Everything Else in the World— Disney has not only several tours but special and unique adventures as well, outside of the normal theme park attractions.  These special activities fit just about any age bracket, time restraints or budget you can imagine. However, you are truly limited in what you can do when you have not only a wheelchair in your party but a member of your party who needs more attention or assistance than the tour or special activity is set up to accommodate.  Going solo or as a couple, I have done many of the tours and really enjoyed them.  I have done the Backstage Safari, Backstage Magic, Gardens of Wonder (during Flower & Garden show), Keys to the Kingdom, and The Magic Behind the Steam Trains tours.  I have also done the Safari Breakfast as well as the Wanyama Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Loved these tours.  This upcoming trip, I am doing the Behind the Seeds tour as well as the Magic Kingdom to Marceline tour.  Really looking forward to these.  My bucket list is by no means exhausted.  I would still enjoy taking in Flights of Wonder (the hot air balloon at Downtown Disney), parasailing in Bay Lake, riding a jet-ski, and yes, even taking a ride around the race track with the Richard Petty Driving Experience.  We’ll see if I get these crossed off my bucket list or not.
14.       I Get To Be A Kid Again!—Many who visit get to be kids or at least kids at heart.  This is especially true in my case.  I am not a Mom (OK, so I am always a Mom, but while I am going solo at Disney, I can relinquish that title for a while), I am not a caregiver responsible for the needs of other members of my party.  I am not the planner, nor am I the one who has to say “we need to head for here to take care of this” person.  I left these responsibilities at home, along with my Super Mom cape and the Mom Uniform.  Instead, I am a child, an individual who gets to satisfy her wishes and desires during this time.  Want to order onion rings with dinner, sure, go ahead (but don’t complain when it talks back to you in the middle of the night—besides, no one around to hear the complaints).  Want to sleep until the crack of Noon so you can enjoy evening Extra Magic Hours, go ahead—who is going to report you or say anything.  Want to ride Rock N Roller Coaster more than once—OK (just make sure you have the Ben Gay for later).  Want to stay up late, just because you can—yep you can do that too.  Whatever my inner child wants, I can do (within reason of course).  After all, my body still can’t become the 20 something “kid” it keeps trying to be.  The point is this…I can enjoy the simplest of pleasures again.
Being solo at Disney is definitely NOT for everyone.  For me, it works—and I truly cherish my times visiting Disney alone.  And you know what, while I am technically alone—I came by myself from my personal family here—I am not truly alone.  I am surrounded by hundreds of others, all coming to enjoy what they can from their Happy Place.  Being alone, I feel secure knowing that I am not truly alone.  Assistance is there for me should I need something (which thankfully, I never have).  Yes, going solo to Disney works well for me.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love Bugs at Walt Disney World, Yuck!

Love Bugs! Have you ever encountered Love Bug season on your trip to Disney World? 

Oh my goodness are those bugs prolific. Twice a year, in the late spring and the late summer, the Love Bug population explodes. 

They are attracted to light colored surfaces, and in these photos, taken on our first trip to Walt Disney World together in September of 2006, I must be the light colored surface they were most attracted too. 
These non-biting, but still extremely annoying insects were hassling me to no end.

Nick and I had never seen anything like that swarm of insects before. They managed to make our whole trip a memorably messy one!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Why You Should Dress Up For Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Because it's fun!
The end.

Okay, maybe I should write a more in depth article.

Well, for starters, show of hands, who here likes candy?

At Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, adults get to Trick or Treat, and not get the odd looks you'd doubtless get if you tried to do so in your neighborhood.
Upon entering the party, you'll be given a treat bag, and throughout the park, you'll find candy stations.

Now, you COULD go and Trick or Treat without dressing up, but where is the fun in that?

Our first year attending, the party, 2006, we did not dress up. This is me with a lovely coven of witches:

The next 3 parties we went to, we did get dressed up.

2008: As you can see, I'm Fred Flintstone. Why isn't my wife dressed as Wilma? She had found the jumpsuit at a yard sale, and decided she just HAD to be a Hippie!

Luckily, I found another Fred and Wilma, Pebbles and BamBam too!

In 2011, we went with friends, and several of us were themed to Little Red Riding Hood:

In 2012, my wife an I were Pirates.

So there you go, dressing up for MNSSHP is fun, and do you need a better reason than that?

Portions of this article were originally posted on the Tips From the Disney Divas and Devos Blog, where Nick is a contributing writer.