Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Disney: No Pets Allowed

By Beth Skarp

Have you had the pleasure of seeing a Service Animal or Guide Dog working while touring in the Parks? We have seen them a time or two. These animals are always well behaved, and so fun to see. My daughter even had the pleasure once of being allowed to pet a working Service Animal who was in training. Such a treat. 

Disney has a very strict policy about allowing your personal family pet into the parks or hotel rooms on Property. With that being the case, why is it that I almost always seem to run into another guests personal pet? What pet you ask? 

Well, surely you have all met him or her while touring in the parks. The pet almost always has the exact same name. It is called......PEEVE.

OK, so it was a bad lead in and a horrid pun. Having said that much, I do have several things that not only annoy me, I manage to experience them just about every time we visit the parks. In no particular order, here are seven “pets” I've personally encountered who go by the name of PEEVE. 

1. Thinking that because something is offered at the condiment bar, it is “free” for the taking. I get that you might want some creamer for your coffee, syrup for your Mickey waffles or Tobasco sauce or A-1 Sauce for your meal, or toppings for the burger you had made just to your liking. Taking enough for your meal is fine, but taking and literally dumping the entire contents into your tote bag, swiping a bottle or two of these condiments from the shelf and “forgetting” to return them but dropping them into your tote bag instead, bringing a container to make a FREE to-go salad is just plain wrong no matter how you look at it. Don't get me wrong....I have been known to take a few extra packets of creamer back to our resort room for our early morning coffee. Taking more “just because it is after all FREE and I paid for it” is just not right.

2. Sneezing or coughing while standing in line without covering your face. Deciding to odorize your spot in line “ranks” right up there as well. I can't tell you the number of times I have been subjected to these, um, showers of blessings. So nasty.

3. I know that we all want to take home those wonderful Mickey head shampoos and soaps. I have a good-sized stash as well. Taking the ones you don't use or even asking Mouskeeping for more is well and good (yes, we do this). Might I suggest that you use one or two of them to actually clean up with before you leave the resort room for the day. Splashing on some cologne or using extra deodorant really doesn't help matters, especially when we need to “cozy up” in line or on Disney transportation. 

4. There are trash cans located all over Disney property. Is it really that difficult to walk say 30 feet to put your trash in the appropriate receptacles. The same goes for busing your table at a quick service venue. Yes, there are probably a CM or two in the area who are “assigned” to do this task. However, when the place is busy, even they have a hard time keeping up with the demands. Would you leave this mess sitting on your own kitchen or dining room table? I highly doubt it. Disney is after all our “Home” away from our normal home. Treat it with the same respect you would your own personal home.

5. Tuning out in such a manner that you are “blissfully unaware” of your surroundings. Being so tuned out as you're listening to your various electronic devices or busily working your thumbs to pretend that you don't see a parent who is juggling small children while attempting to stand in a crowded bus. We are all tired and our feet hurt. If you are physically capable of standing, please offer up your seat to someone who is obviously older, has difficulty walking or standing, is pregnant, or has small children. Additionally, small children belong on an adult's lap during peak traveling times, freeing up a seat for an adult to sit.

6. Placing your various shopping bags, the diaper bag or your tote bags on the seat next to you on Disney transportation in hopes that you have more personal space. Disney transportation gets crowded, especially during peak travel times. Placing your shopping bags or tote bags at your feet allows for more guests to board. 

7. "No flash photography" is there for a reason. Not only do you blind those who are seated around you, most times the flash literally washes out the picture you were attempting to take. Ghosts are frightfully sensitive to bright lights after all. In this same venue, continuing to snap flash pictures in the dark on the rivers boats that run from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney not only blind your fellow guests, they can also blind the boat pilots as well. 

These are my “pets” called PEEVE. They don't belong in the parks. Let's leave these so called “pets” home next time.

For many of us, our four legged animals want to travel with us as well. If you wish to bring your fur baby with you on vacation, Disney guests can use a wonderful service called Best Friends Pet Care. Check them out at www.bestfriendspetcare.com. Seriously, the only pets I want to see at the Disney Parks are the ones that belong to true Disney Characters. I always enjoy seeing Pluto or Marie in the Parks, don't you?       


  1. What a clever lead-in to sensitive topics. Yes, leave those pets at home. Thank you.

  2. Well you covered everything I have as far a "PET PEEVES" The one thing about cleaning up your table. My partner works as a server. And is DARN GOOD at what he does. But when we have a meal. The table is cleaned before we even walk way and the dishes are stacked up for the Server. Not Your Slave. Treat them with Respect!

  3. Thank your partner for being a great server. We have always loved the interactions we have received from our servers, from Quick Service to Table Service.


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