Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Downtown Disney Birthday

By: Arnick

I had an awesome time for my birthday this year. My husband and son took me out for my special day. We did a different take on Disney this time. instead of going to the parks, we decided to go to Downtown Disney!

Got to love a nice relaxing day at Downtown Disney. When we got there we had to find a decent parking space because Disney is in the middle of building a large parking complex (Hooray for more parking!). They are also starting a re-imagining of Downtown Disney which will be called Disney Springs. It will be fun to see the changes being made.

Once we got there we headed to Raglan Road for my birthday lunch. Raglan Road is an Irish pub located in the Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney. It was named after Raglan Road in Dublin. I love going here. It's also one of my husband Jared's favorite restaurants.

The atmosphere is always fun and cozy. The food is wonderful, and the entertainment which includes Irish singers and dancers is a sight to see!
Also I can never forget to say hi to my friend Patty(nickname for him).
Patrick Kavanagh was a well-known Irish poet. Got to love seeing his thinking face every time you pass the pub.

After lunch we headed to the World of Disney. The largest Disney store in the world. I love going around and looking at everything Disney. It makes my heart happy.

But, of course I had to get another pair of Disney ears. Finally made it to the double digits with purchasing my tenth pair. My process of picking out my ears... it's kind of ridiculous. But this time I chose the purple crown ones. Love my new ears!

Happy birthday to me! Hehe.


  1. a disney birthday celebration is the best kind!

  2. You look adorable in your new ears, Arnick! Happy belated Birthday!


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