Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walt Disney World: Getting There!

by Gaylin

Getting there after the weeks or months of planning a Walt Disney World vacation. I started planning this trip last October and my travel date was May 6-15, 2014.

It seemed like a long way away when I first booked it but I have a countdown widget and would check it every single day. Travel day arrives and after 2 flights and many hours, I am finally there!

First step in feeling like the vacation has started is the Magical Express. How lovely is it to walk through the airport, get in my first line-up with less than a 5 minute wait and about 10 minutes sitting watching cartoons before the bus pulled away. The trip to Disney's Pop Century takes about 1/2 hour and the video is fun enough that I forget to look outside when I am riding the bus.

One thing I always do is take a photo of my door number! It may seem like a silly thing but after a 14 hour theme park day, remembering that number can be difficult. I was very fortunate, with the help of a friend, I got upgraded to a room in the 1960's section of Disney's Pop Century Resort, which means a much shorter walk to and from the bus stop in the morning and evening. Again, after many hours in a park, that last little walk being shorter is wonderful.

I also got upgraded to a king-bed room. That little bit extra floor space is lovely to have and having a whole king bed to myself is decadent. I was also impressed that I remembered to take this photo before I unpacked and made a mess.

My room was on the third floor overlooking the hippie dippy pool! While it was a bit noisy in my room when the pool deck movie was playing from 9 to 10:30 p.m., it quieted down as soon as the movie was over and the pool closes at 11 p.m.

And this was my staircase of choice, I love the 4 storey high yoyo's, their only purpose is to cover the stairwells and they do a great job of it.


  1. I agree, Gaylin, the Magical Express bus is a lot of fun. A pre-show as it were! I enjoyed Pop Century as well, lots of big things to photograph. Glad you had fun! - Lee

    1. It is a terrific resort to stay in. And now with the Art of Animation right across Hourglass Lake, if you run out of things to photograph at Pop, a quick walk with give you lots more great photos!


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