Sunday, May 18, 2014

Vintage Walt Disney World License Plates

By: Nick

A few months ago I found these license plates that I've had since the early to mid 90s in the garage.
The first 2 are from my first visit to Walt Disney World in 1992.
Disney World celebrated it's 20th Anniversary in 1991.

Epcot was still Epcot Center. I loved the old Epcot Center.

These next 2 are from 1996.
I was at the Magic Kingdom on October 1st, 1996, it's 25th Anniversary.
Interestingly, it was not nearly as crowded as October 1st 2011, it's 40th Anniversary. Maybe people were staying away from the pink castle?

This next one is from the "Company D" store, a shop for Disney Cast Members. I was a Disney Store Cast Member at that time. CMO stands for Cast Member Only.

HONK if you love Disney!

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  1. I don't have a car so I will just imagine honking for those great license plates and YES, I do love Disney.


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