Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Epcot Dessert Party

By: Laurie

We recently attended the new Epcot Dessert Party.

It is held in the old Odyssey restaurant next to Mexico in World Showcase.  As it had been raining off/on all day, the night no different.  This is a prepaid ticket event. We checked in at 8:00 pm and received a really cool Mickey head sticker to identify us as members of the party.

The offerings were amazing.. shortbread cookies, donuts, tiramisu, Disney parks ice cream treats..oh my!

The Italian champagne was wonderful.  There was also coffee, water, lemonade...I stuck with the champagne!

I tried all the offerings except the ice cream bars.

We sat around a table with other foodies enjoying the snacks and met some lovely people.

At 8:45 pm...they walk everyone over to special standing area to watch Illuminations.

This was a wonderful experience and one I look forward to doing again!


  1. I believe the most likely location for the building you call " the old Horizon Bldg" is actually the Odyesssy restaurant, this restaurant closed years to go, and sits just where you describe it next to the Mexico pavilion, Horizons, on the other hand was a HIUGE Audio Animatronic spectacular of an attraction, and it was housed in a giant building that covered all of the Mission: Space building (and then some), and that whole building was demolished.

    1. Excellent catch there, brian! I'm making the correction now.

    2. Great review Laurie, and the pictures are great. Makes me want to put this on our list of things to try.


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