Monday, May 19, 2014

The Magic in What You Wear at Disney

By: Beth

Do you or members of your family enjoy wearing Disney themed shirts while touring in the Parks? Our family does. We don't always wear a Disney shirt—I know, gasp—but often times we do. 

Whenever possible, we attempt to wear a Disney shirt that reflects which park we will be visiting for the day or a special character that depicts our unique personality or one we hope to find while touring that day. 

Has anything you've worn ever gotten you any special “perks” or surprises while at Disney? 'Ours has, on more than one occasion. 

We were touring World Showcase during the Year of a Million Dreams back in 2008. Rose was on a mission to find Aurora, her favorite Disney Princess at that time. Before leaving our resort that day, we found out where Aurora might be in World Showcase and what time to expect her. Off we headed to fulfill the girl's wishes. 

Both my girls had a wonderful time talking with Aurora and getting her autograph and pictures. Just before we left, both of the girls were told, by Aurora, that Belle was waiting for them “over in the shaded area near the water in Morocco” with a big surprise. According to Aurora, Belle mentioned specifically that my girls would be visiting today, and Belle was waiting for their arrival.  
My girls were beyond ecstatic. we went in search of Belle. 

A Photo-pass photographer spotted us right away. We learned much later that the handler for Aurora had “radioed ahead” that we were on our way, so they were indeed looking for my girls. After the experience took place we also learned that the photographer was not looking for Abbey's bright yellow wheelchair which is rather hard to miss, but rather for the cute t-shirt that had a funny message regarding Beast printed on the front of it. 

When we arrived in Morocco, the handler assisting Belle came up to us and asked us to get in line for Belle's Meet and Greet. The handler politely asked our family to hang back just a bit, which we agreed to do. Other park guests kept going up for pictures and an autograph. My girls were waiting somewhat patiently for their turn. Once again, the handler working with Belle asked our family to wait “just a moment longer.”  I was getting somewhat annoyed, on the verge or saying something, when the MAGIC happened. 

We heard a rather odd clomping sound along the walkway where we were waiting. Beast was being assisted by his personal handler and was coming out specifically to join Belle for pictures and signatures. I'm not sure whose jaw dropped further as my girls watched Beast join Belle for pictures and signatures. Belle's handler was waiting for just the right moment with this extra special magic for my girls. It was well worth the wait. 

The Photo-pass photographer was able to capture many great shots of my girls interaction with not only Beast but Belle as well. Each of my girls had the opportunity to speak with their favorite character for just a moment. Beast laughed and laughed over my daughter's shirt, almost seeming to prefer our sweet Abbey over Belle if that were possible. 

Rose enjoyed a magical moment with Belle, telling her how much more enjoyable reading books was because of her. Belle went through great pains to make sure that Abbey was posed in such a way that her shirt, along with Beast, were highlighted. Once you see the picture, you will understand what was so magical albeit comical about this shot. Truly a magical moment that was totally unplanned on our part—all because of what Abbey decided she wanted to wear that day. 

Just before our time was finished, Belle knelt down to thank Abbey and Rose for coming to visit her today and making the Beast laugh. This is still a very special memory for my girls. 

Wearing Disney or even non-Disney shirts are fun. Before you say it, our family really doesn't believe it had anything to do specifically with The Year Of A Million Dreams, since we've encountered special photographic opportunities both with a Photo-pass photographer and without since this special moment from 2008. Here is a shot from 2012. 

We stopped to chat with these lovely Citizens of Main Street. We are all laughing so hard in this photograph not only because of the Disney themed t-shirt I was wearing, but something else as well. When I was asked to show the BACK-side of my shirt, well the adults all enjoyed a great laugh at the silly “pun” that was made based on every thing I was wearing at the time. Since I am the photographer for the group shot pictured above, I am including my photograph separately. I am sure if you think about it, you will quickly learn the “pun” that was made and why the adults laughed so hard in the above picture. 

At my “expense” and for a special treat on my special day, we received vouchers for free Mickey ice cream bars. We still laugh about this funny encounter, all due to what we were wearing at the time. Special photographic moments seem to happen, for our family at least, because of what a member of our family chose to wear that day and our willingness to interact with the characters in the Parks. 

What is your favorite Disney shirt to wear while touring the Parks. Do you have any special pictures or experiences as a direct result of wearing a specific article of clothing? Inquiring minds enjoy hearing from you as well.


  1. Thanks Laurie. Did you guess what the "joke" was regarding my shirt and what I wore??

  2. I have a shirt with all the Pooh characters embroidered on it. I wear it when I have a meal at Chrystal Palace! Tigger always gets excited.


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