Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love Bugs at Walt Disney World, Yuck!

Love Bugs! Have you ever encountered Love Bug season on your trip to Disney World? 

Oh my goodness are those bugs prolific. Twice a year, in the late spring and the late summer, the Love Bug population explodes. 

They are attracted to light colored surfaces, and in these photos, taken on our first trip to Walt Disney World together in September of 2006, I must be the light colored surface they were most attracted too. 
These non-biting, but still extremely annoying insects were hassling me to no end.

Nick and I had never seen anything like that swarm of insects before. They managed to make our whole trip a memorably messy one!


  1. That's what those are! I have had the pleasure of dealing with those bugs on one trip, hopefully I never see them again. Ugh.


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