Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Skeleton Crew, Pirates of the Caribbean Figures

By Nick

In my last post I shared a few Disney Parks Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures. I have one more to share from that line, and some more skeletal pirates in Vinylmation form.

To me, one of the most memorable portions of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Walt Disney World version, (yes, there is a difference between the WDW and Disneyland versions) is the Helmsman.

The Helsman’s accessories include an anchor, a cutlass, a lantern and a knife.
I really love the detailing on these figures.
He stands 7 inches, or 17.78 centimeters, tall.

Vinylmation Parks #5 Series also has a Pirates Helmsman.

I don’t really think it resembles the figure above, very much. Or at all.

By Maria Clapsis.

The ever popular Helmsman makes a return appearance once again in the Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation Series, this time with some mates.

Left to right, we have the Skeleton Helmsman, the Skeleton Captain, and the Blue Bandana Skeleton.

This series is by Casey Jones.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your look at the pirates, me mateys, please come back aboard soon!

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  1. The helmsman skeleton is awesome. You have the bestest toys.
    Those vinyls . . . meh.


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