Monday, October 12, 2015

Star Wars Merchandise at Target

By Nick

Unless you live in a galaxy far far away, you know that Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens comes out December 18th. And unless you never leave the house in that galaxy you inhabit, you have likely encountered some Star Wars merchandise somewhere. Everywhere.
The other day my wife and I stopped in our local Target, We didn't really need to go up every aisle to be overwhelmed by the amount of Star Wars items to be found in just about any category you can think of.

As soon as we entered the store we encountered the stationary section.

Plenty of electronic items, like speakers and headphones.

We have a Wii, and I have considered getting the Disney Infinity game system, but I have managed to resist thus far. But these figures are really, really nice, and the price point has come down to $49.99 for the Star Wars starter set, so maybe for Christmas?!

There are plenty of toys and action figures.

Well, there were plenty of action figures. They are clearly selling very well!

Are you looking for a slightly larger action figure. One taller than your kid? Here ya go.

Lego sets.

Barbie and I had to turn the box around to figure out what was the deal with these lights!

Now, you may be looking for a new bike helmet, or a bike, and they have you covered there too!

Camping? Yep.

And it'll be cold old there. So, pick up a union suit to help keep you warm. Yes, I said union suit.

I resisted the urge to buy the union suit. Barely. But we did not leave empty handed. I needed a new thumb drive, and couldn't resist:

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