Monday, October 19, 2015

Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures

By Nick

I discovered these Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures a few years ago on eBay. I can’t recall seeing them in the parks. They are from the beloved attraction, and not from the beloved hit movie series.
I’ve bought a few through the years, and would like to share some today.
This first one, I left in the package, because, well, it’s some cool packaging!

The Treasure Keeper comes with a plethora of accessories, as do all the figures from this line.
Relive all the high seas fun!
The original price for these figures was $10.

Next up, we have the Scalawag, and his little piggy buddies.


His accessories are couple of bottles, a cup, a sword and a pistol.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Readhead. As in, “We wants the Redhead!”

I have the Walt Disney Classics Collection figure of the Redhead, as well as the Auctioneer, and I’ve done a post on them, which can be found here.
Not only does the Redhead have a purse and a rose, she is also packing heat! She has a rifle and a pistol. I’m a little surprised the pirates didn’t disarm her when they took her captive!

I have one more action figure from the collection, and will share that in my next post, with some other members of his skeletal crew, so please stop back.


  1. I think Disney needs to have a backstage tour of your house! All these great items.
    A separate tour at Christmas time, just for the trees.


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