Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flea Market Finds: Walt Disney World Postcards

By Nick 

While I love a good Disney Postcard, my favorites are those that have been mailed. It's like looking into the past, and experiencing the parks through a strangers eyes.

Let’s start with 2 postcards featuring Cinderella Castle, mailed 20 years apart.

The caption on the card:
Cinderella Castle-Fantasyland”
“Evening sets on Cinderella Castle, gate-way to “the happiest land of them all”… Fantasyland. High inside the castle, guests dine in royal splendor in King Stefan’s Banquet Hall.”

Wait a minute! King Stefan was Aurora’s, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty’s, father! Of course, King Stefan’s has been Cinderella’s Royal Table since 1997, but why did it take so many years to fix this error?
One thing for sure, in 1976, when this card was sent, Bob and Fran felt that the Magic Kingdom was much more than just a Fantasyland, and that it still is today.

This next card was mailed in 1995.

Fairy-Tale Castle”
“With its golden spires and fairy-tale turrets reaching towards the clouds, Cinderella Castle marks the entrance to Fantasyland.”

This last card features an attraction I never saw, but it was a classic.

The Mickey Mouse Revue
“Appearing on stage “in person”, Mickey Mouse tunes up with some of the spectacular cast of 85 famous Walt Disney characters that sing and perform during the Mickey Mouse Revue.”

David spent a whole day at the park in 1976.

All the postcards were from different sellers, and all cost $1 each.

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