Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Kind of Disney Cruise

by Gaylin

The best cruise with Disney . . . The Jungle Cruise!!! I love the theming of the line-up area, the bad jokes, the great captains, the time on the water. It all works for me and I go on the cruise 2 or 3 times every trip. The first cruise I went on in May 2014 had Captain Lisa at the helm, she was wonderful. Great delivery of all those old jokes, told a few I hadn't heard before, had the whole boat laughing. A perfect cruise in the jungle.

If you have a few moments in a line-up there are a number of posters, barrels etc to read. Take the time and read them, some are pretty funny.

 Of course this big barrel of beer made me think of Nick . . . wonder why?

This temple hasn't fallen on anyone – yet!

Just with the safari at the Animal Kingdom, all those animals like to turn their backs on me.

It the area outside the entry to the cruise there are beautifully carved statues. I don't know what they represent but they make for great photos.

I guess this guy stayed on the cruise too long.

If you have a great captain and are sitting close to the front, you might have time to grab a quick selfie before disembarking. Captain Lisa said this was the first time a guest had asked for a photo, I was happy to take the photo for both of us, can you tell?

Is the Jungle Cruise a must-do for you and your family? Have a favourite captain? I had Captain Ashley on a previous trip and she was amazing as well.


  1. i love this ride..the corny jokes remind me of my childhood...never forget the back side of water!

  2. In 2012 I was very fortunate to get Skipper Ashley, best skipper ever. And then this got posted on the internet - here she is again.

  3. It has been a long time since my Disney World vacation, and I still remember the Jungle Cruise. I can't believe no one before you asked to take a photo with the captain -- you may have started something! ;-)


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