Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flea Market Find: An Unusual Disney(?) Find

By: Nick

I bought this at our local flea market several years ago and was just flummoxed.
Looking at it, a multitude of questions popped into my head:
  • What is it?
  • Who’s the blond? A different princess? Is this an untold chapter of Cinderella’s life?
  • Where did the figures come from?
  • Were the 7 dwarf’s bought with purple noses?
  • How do you spell the plural possessive of dwarf?
  • What was the person who made it thinking?
  • How much work went into it?
  • What does something like this cost?
I commented to Barbie that I would pay a dollar just to have it to blog about. I asked how much it was. The woman said “A dollar”. I think she overheard me discussing it.

Did the creator use those fancy pattern cutting scissors on the tape, or did the tape come that way?

Why is the back a mirror?


The figures are really glued down well.

Was it a school project? How old is it?
So many questions I’ll never know the answers to, but one thing I do know, this is absolutely the oddest piece of my collection.


  1. Just proves, you never know what you will find at flea markets or garage sales!

  2. To paraphrase a line from "Family Guy", "similiar to, but legally distinct from any copyrighted material." Hehehehee...

  3. That definitely looks homemade, maybe from figurines that were part of a cake decorating kit?
    The name of the scissors is pinking shears . . .
    For a dollar and a blog - worth it!

  4. Love this actually. As Gaylin stated, the tape was probably cut with pinking shears, very popular in the early to late 50's. I would suggest it was something to do with cake decorating as well. I would definitely have paid $1 for something like this. Now, to get some history and find out what this is actually. Thanks for sharing.


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