Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Disney Birthday Celebration

By: Beverly Beardsley  

First off, true confession: we arrived at Disney eleven days after my actual birthday. Circumstances prevented us being there on the actual day, however, the trip was a gift and a celebration. 

It wasn’t until our second day in the parks, while at “Lords and Ladies” in the UK at Epcot, that my SLSO (spouse-like significant other) mentioned something to the Cast Member about my birthday. She’d just searched long and hard to find a shirt for me. “It’s your birthday? Would you like a badge?," she asked in her lovely English accent. She had a girl in the shop across the way letter my name on a birthday badge, and then the fun began.

Over the next few days, just about EVERY Disney CM, from maintenance to entertainers, wished me a happy birthday. I received birthday cards from waiters, and also one from Belle and the Beast. I got a cookie, a sample of the “grey stuff” at Be Our Guest, and a cool chef’s hat at Mama Melrose’s. But best of all, as we were passing through Mexico, we stopped to listen to the Mariachi band. They called me up and serenaded me with a lovely Mexican birthday song “Las Mañanitas”. It was gorgeous!

So my advice to you is, if it’s any time NEAR your birthday, or if you are celebrating any special occasion, GET THE BADGE! It will make your stay even more special!

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  1. Disney says it is okay to celebrate your birthday while on vacation, as long as your birthday was 6 months before or 6 months after your visit!
    I always pick one day of vacation and have a happy birthday day. So fun.


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