Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It is Tough to be a Bug!

by Gaylin

It's Tough to be a Bug is by far my favourite 3D show at Walt Disney World. I go to see it once or even twice every trip. I love watching it myself, but I also love listening or peeking around at the reactions of other people in the theatre. Nothing like the first squeals that happen when those special effects start.

Parents take heed, when they warn that the show will be dark and loud and may be difficult for toddlers to sit through, they are not fooling. I have noticed someone sneak out to the exit doors on the left with a freaking out toddler at least half of the times I have been to this show.

I like the waiting area as well, dark, fairly cool and then there is the scenery! I love the posters of the stars of the show, well worth walking around to read them all.

And the final touch of fun, since it is a 3D movie, you have to become an honorary bug by wearing your bug eyes glasses.

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