Friday, August 15, 2014

Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor Animation Drawing

By Nick

Back in the mid 90's I worked for an animation gallery in Philadelphia part time. I would trade my time, and artistic abilities, painting backgrounds for animation collectors to display their cels over, for credit towards animation sketches, production drawings, and production cels.The cels are from the non-Disney animated film, "Watership Down," one of my favorite movies of all time. Due to the exorbitant prices that Disney animation art demanded in the 1990's, I only have a few Disney production drawings, and this one sketch of Mickey Mouse:

Each piece I have has a story, and this one is very interesting. Apparently it came from a collection given to a grandson by his grandmother who worked at the Disney Studios as a cleaning person.
She would pick out discarded drawings from the trash, bring them home, cut them out, and paste them in a book.
I was drawn to this because, while I have no way of knowing absolutely, it sure looks like a Brave Little Tailor Mickey, to me.

He appears to be sporting a tunic and those floppy moccasins he wears in my favorite Mickey animated short. Regardless, it's a Mickey from my favorite era of Disney animation, and I'm thrilled to own it.

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  1. Nick, what a great story and having that drawing is priceless. I love that you value it enough to have had it framed. Beautiful.


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