Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flea Market Finds: Bambi McDonalds Happy Meal Set

I picked this Bambi McDonalds Happy Meal Set up at the Columbus Flea Market in New Jersey for $2! They were released in 1988.

Friend Owl

I've always wondered why Friend Owl never had a proper name like the other woodland creatures. Unless Friend is his first name.

Thumper has some paint wear.

Flower. All the toys were pretty dirty, and even though I gave them a bath, there are some spots that won't come clean. But for being 25 years old, they are still in decent shape.

Bambi is being shy.

Here he comes. Do you think he knows he has a butterfly on his tail?

And there he goes.

For more posts about other Bambi items in my collection, you can search our archives to the right.

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