Saturday, August 2, 2014

Disney Do It Yourself Pillow

by Gaylin 

On a trip to Walt Disney World back in 1999, I was in a kitchen shop and had a great idea. I bought a lovely dinner napkin, at 20" square and really well made, I had a great idea.

Make a pillow!

I got home and hit a fabric store, bought velvet for the back, edge cord, a foam insert and a zipper and voila, a lovely pillow. I loved this napkin, I looked through the whole pile of napkins to make sure I had a whole tigger on the napkin.

When I went again in 2005 (okay, there were a couple trips in between), I found these napkins and even though they don't match anything in my apartment . . . I loved the colours and couldn't resist them. Back at home and a trip to the fabric store and a bit more time at the sewing machine and I have this beauty!

Have you ever brought something home from Disney that you know you will repurpose into home decor?


  1. Gaylin, I love this idea, especially since I just bought a sewing machine and don't have to do things by hand any more!

  2. Clever re-make! <3 I have some pillows I made from clothing I bought in Guatemala in 1977. I left mine open on one end, closed with zipper or ties, so I can wash them, in deference to my dust allergy.

    1. That is a great way to keep cases clean from spills
      And other messes as well!


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