Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Mickey Mouse Chritsmas Ornaments - Part 2

By Lisa Green

In my last post about DIY Disney ornaments, the ornaments were super easy to make and cute as can be, yes?  Let’s do it again today – make more Mickey ornaments, but this time, we’ll go “intermediate” level – I think you’re ready!

While shopping at my favorite craft store (again, yes, I like it there and yes, Christmas decorations were still 50% off) – I spotted these babies and thought – hey!  With a little help from Raymond and his manly tool-wielding-ways, I can really make some fancy new ornaments.  As luck would have it, Raymond was with me.  So, I shot him a look (no words required) and he held out his hands to carry the ornament boxes for me.  Gotta love a man that’ll shop and carry at your favorite craft store…and I do!

Do this:

Buy shatterproof ornaments only.  On sale.  (Hey, my tutorial, my rules.)

Use a hack saw (or another favorite saw of your choice) to remove the ornament-hook-holder-part from each small ornament.

Same deal as last time, fire up the glue gun and apply the glue in a donut shape where the sawed-off part used to be.

Eyeball the ears (yup, just had to say that again) and, after waiting a few seconds for the glue to cool down a smidge, slap those ears on.

So, a teensy bit more difficult this time (what, with the sawing and all), but well worth the trouble.  Minty Mickey Mouse ornaments.  Made ‘em myself.

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