Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flea Market Find: Plastic Pinocchio Bank

I found this large plastic Pinocchio bank at the Flea Market a few weeks back.

When I asked a price, I was quoted $10. I picked it up, and flipped it over to find out when it was produced and discovered its stopper was missing.

As I set it back down, the seller said she'd forgotten there was no stopper, and I could have it for $5!

Still, I had no idea when this was produced, so I went to eBay. I discovered there were several up for auction, and I got a very good deal! I also discovered this is from 1971, produced by Play Pal Plastics for Walt Disney Productions. Apparently this information can be found on the back of the neck, and indeed, it appears there is some writing, but it is so shallow, it's illegible.

Barbie cleaned it up, and it came out pretty nicely. There are only a couple of permanent marks and the paint is very vibrant.

Another great find at the flea market!

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  1. Nice! Great buy! I love flea markets (and garage sales too). You find great things and some stuff you never saw before. I found a Mickey plastic bank and a stuffed small Mickey at a flea market a few months ago that were in great shape and asked the price. The vendor sold them to me 2 for $5! I got a nice bargain and was so happy.


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