Friday, March 29, 2013

Lambert the Sheepish Lion

Yesterday I shared a few of the Whiskers and Tales Vinylmation series.
How I got the Lambert the Sheepish Lion Vinyl has a story.

I visited my local Disney Store, and they were having a sale, buy 1 Vinylmation and get a Robots 3 Vinylmation free. I picked up a Whiskers and Tales, and a Brave set, which was marked down to $7.99!

I opened up the boxes right there. The two Robots I got were Grumpy Bot and the Alien Bot from Toy Story. The Whiskers and Tales figure I got was the Baby Pegasus from Hercules.

Now, in the photo above, you can clearly see I do not have the Baby Pegasus pictured. That's because when I opened up my box to reveal a Baby Pegasus, a young lady standing nearby gave out a little gasp. "I've been trying to get that forever! I've bought 7, and still didn't get it!" I told her I'd be more than happy to trade for whatever figure she had. She pulled out Lambert, the Lion pictured above. She was almost in tears, and gave me a hug!

Who's Lambert?
"Lambert the Sheepish Lion" is an animated short film released in 1952, narrated by Disney Legend Sterling Holloway, the original voice of Winnie the Pooh,  about a lion cub mistakenly left with a flock of sheep by a stork. It's a fish out of water story about how Lambert comes into his own. It's a wonderful cartoon which I haven't seen in several years.
I brought it out this past weekend.
It can be found on YouTube, but I have it on the Walt Disney Treasures, Disney Rarities, Celebrated Shorts: 1920s-1960s DVD Set.

Lambert is pictured on Disc 2 (which is odd, as his cartoon is actually on Disc 1).

And he can also be found in the booklet which accompanies this outstanding set, pictured with his adoptive mother.

So the trade at the Disney Store turned out to be very fortuitous. I was able to make someone happy, and in return was reminded of an animated treasure, and have a wonderful momento as well.

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  1. How great for you! I love Lambert in the Lambert short. He is sooo cute and has such a winning personality; I just want to kiss his nose, and if I had him in Vinylmation, I would!--Mousewife


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