Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Mini Figures

I'd read about these Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Mini Figures several months ago on a Vinylmation site.
The article asked if it was possible that these new figures could overtake Vinylmation in popularity.
That obviously hasn't happened, but I actually think they are pretty terrific!
They come in a blind box like Vinyl, and inside they are in a black plastic bag.

The character range isn't as wide as Vinylmation, certainly, but manages to include a few of our absolute favorite characters, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Tinker Bell and Winnie the Pooh. They are about a half inch shorter on average than a 3" Vinylmation.

What's very interesting to me, is the rarity of some of these. Some are very rare indeed! 1 in a 144 rare for a Pooh, Tink, or Sulley! Why the top left Mickey is 2 in 24 and not 1 in 12 is a mystery.

After reading the article, I went on a search for these at the local Barnes and Noble, as well as their online shop, and came up empty handed. I found them on Amazon and eBay, but decided to limit myself to finding them at the store. I never did.
But Barbie didn't forget, and bought me some for my birthday! Since they were gifts, I have no idea how much they cost, but she says they were at a reasonable price.
Let's see what I got!
The first package I opened contained a Mike Wazowski. 1/24. Not bad. The very next box I opened contained...the exact same figure!

Next, a Mickey!  1/18.

I love the tail!


Next up was another Mike, 1/18, followed by a Sulley, 1/48.
They make a great pair!

Another great tale!

Last, but certainly not least, my wife's favorite, Stitch! 1/18.

Well, I didn't get any super rare figures, but I love what I got! This of course has given me Mini Madness, so I'll be searching eBay for more. I'll share what I find here in the future.

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