Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Excitement of Planning Your Disney Trips!

There's a certain excitement about a Disney trip. So much thinking, devising plans, conspiring with friends and family. There are so many details to be reviewed. There are so many things that one could forget, things that we could miss out on! Where do you start?

Let's start on the home front.  Do you plan for the care of your home while you're away? Do you have someone come and check your place once in a while? How about your pets? We do a lot of planning around their care, even so far as finding an "In-home" veterinarian who comes to the house instead of us having to go to their office. It has made leaving for vacation with elderly pets at home much more bearable. Our in home pet sitter has enough to deal with!

Does anyone reading this blog have gardens that go rogue while they are on vacation? Do you do anything about that? I still haven't come up with a good plan for the  gardens while we are away. 

So, do you get excited about planning your vacation, or does it fill you with dread? Do you completely wing it, not a single dining reservation, not a care in the world, knowing you'll find something to eat and do; or do you have each minute of the day planned out, each day of the trip accounted for?

I'm thankful that Nick loves the planning process and sets up our vacations like a paid professional. It should be his career, he's that good. Me? Not so much. I'm terrible at planning vacations, don't even ask me what we're doing each day. I won't know the itinerary. I prefer to be surprised. It works out great for us that way!


  1. I start by deciding the approximate time I would like to go.
    Next Spring would be good.
    I live in an apartment and don't have any plants or pets so I lock the door and walk away when I go on vacation. My balcony has one rickety old chair on it . . . I am not willing to carry the soil & planters up 2 flights of stairs to do a balcony garden!

    Then I start planning for real, how many days, which parks to go to, Park Hopper or not, book the flights etc. I have done trips where I had a meal booked every day, tours booked, everything planned out. I have also done trips where I didn't book or plan a single thing! I have no Nick and whenever I have traveled with someone or on my own, the planning is all on me.

    Let the dreaming begin. Hey, aren't you going on a trip soon???

  2. So which trips do you like better Gaylin, planned or off the cuff?

  3. I liked the off the cuff one when I was by myself, I just went where I wanted, when I wanted - it was amazing.

    When I am with someone else, I compromise and let them have an opinion on what we do (shocking I know). Usually that involves some table service meals. I do love the table service restaurants but a vacation full of ADR's starts to feel like I have appointments I have to get to every day.

    I think the best would be a bit of both. A couple of ADR's, a tour and then free range Disney!


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