Thursday, November 17, 2011

Donald Duck

My great Aunt and Uncle lived in Florida when we were very young. My father decided to drive us down to visit them and it was a long three days for all of us. My Dad took us to Disney World for the afternoon. I was sick from all the driving and enjoyed none of Disney World; in fact, the Country Bears only made me feel worse! I remember none of the joy of Disney, how sad is that, except for the part where he let me pick out a toy. That was a treat. I though long and hard about that toy and picked a stuffed Donald Duck. I loved that Duck for years. I wish I knew what happened to him.

In 2009, on one of our trips to Disney World, after stopping in to Mickey's Philharmagic, as we were wandering out of the show, I ran across this vintage style Donald Duck in the little shop. Seeing Donald sitting there brought all the memories back and I grabbed him up quickly! He wound up being a special 75th Anniversary edition. His number is 2233 of 2400. I am lucky to have found him!


  1. You know what they say: "You never forget your first... childhood toy."

    Glad you were able to reconnect with your memories!

  2. And yet I still search for the original duck...

  3. That's awesome. Donald is my favorite, too. So cool that you found this. My parents just found my old muppet toys and brought them out. I have a Rowlf and an Animal that I remember very fondly.

  4. You're so lucky Jamie, I had some muppet puppets as a kid but through family shake ups, all were disposed of, probably in the worst way.


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