Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flynn's First Trip to Disneyland : Story Behind the Photo

This photo of Barbie and our Godson Flynn was taken on our Southwest Airlines flight to Los Angeles, where we spent 3 nights at the Disneyland Resort. He's holding the plush Mickey we'd given him on the day he was born, before we even knew we'd have the great honor and pleasure of being his Godparents.
Flynn was 3 and a half at the time, and, while he'd been to a Disney Park before, when he was just 15 months old, this was his first trip to Disneyland, and the first where he was able to really grasp the enormity of, in his own words, meeting Mickey Mouse!
In fact, when I took this photo, I had just asked if he was excited to meet Mickey Mouse, to which he gave an enthusiastic "Yes!'
Well, did he meet the main Mouse?
Of course!

Flynn with his parents, Todd and Meghan

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