Friday, September 20, 2013

More Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Mini Figures!

For my birthday, my wife picked me up a few Funko Disney/Pixar Mystery Mini Figures.  
I loved the ones I got, and went on a search on eBay for more. Some of the more rare figures go for appropriately higher prices, but I managed to get a couple at a more reasonable cost. I've included the ratio chart at the bottom for reference.
The first figure I got was this Winnie the Pooh.
I love his facial expression. His distribution in the set is 1/18. 

I got him for $5.59, including shipping.

I got the next three from the same seller.
This is the only Tinker Bell I like from the series, as I feel her eyes are too large in the other 2 figures. 

Not that her head isn't too big! It is also the rarest Tink, at 1 in 144. But I got her for an extremely reasonable $3.25.

Next, we have Mickey Mouse. He's 1 in 18, and I got him for $2.25!

Last, but not least, we have Stitch.

This is the rarest Stitch figure, 1 in 72, and his price-tag reflected this, $8.09.

I really am surprised at how reasonably priced these are in comparison to Vinylmation. I think they are much more expressive, if not nearly as plentiful.


  1. I love these!

    me want . . .

    You are right about that one being the best Tink!

  2. Forgot to ask, can you trade these at the parks?


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