Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Disney Christmas Decorating: 2014 Edition

By Nick

Each year, I try to switch up our Christmas decorating. We have reached the point where it is impossible, space wise, to put out every ornament and random decoration we have. I have, however, made an effort to put out all of our ever expanding Disney ornament collection.

In the past I have hung them on a 7 foot tree that I put on a rotating base. I switched it up this year by using a garland, 2 smaller 3 foot trees, as well as a small wall hanging tree in one of our bathrooms. Yes, a tree in the bathroom.

The garland has Disney ball ornaments, primarily from the Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line, as well as ornaments from the Disney Store and a few random gifts and acquisitions. I decided to go with some old school large bulbs, where usually I use small white lights.

The 2 trees are mostly Hallmark ornaments, with a few Walt Disney Classic Collection and a few miscellaneous pieces.

I put our Grolier ornaments in the bathroom, keeping them together as they are stylistically similar. The Robin Hood and Maid Marian are early Christmas gifts this year from Barbie.

Do you have a Disney Christmas collection?


  1. Love all the trees ! And the hanging disney collection.

  2. Yes I do have a Disney collection. I add an ornament or three to the collection every trip! And sometimes lovely people send them to me in the mail!!!
    I haven't decorated yet . . .

  3. Your decorations are wonderful, I love the garland. And how cool is it that you have enough decorations to do themes! Beautiful.

  4. The trees are beautiful as always. I like the switch to the old-fashioned color lights in the garland. And where did Barbie find the Robin Hood/Maid Marian ornaments? Love them!

    1. Thank you Tamny! Barbie found the Marian at the flea market and Robin on eBay.


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