Sunday, November 16, 2014

Disney Pin Collection

by Gaylin

One of the things I do buy, collect and trade from Walt Disney World are the pins. I love pins! I wear one often and every now and then I go wild and wear 2 pins!!!

On a trip in 2009, at two different parks, I saw men wearing their collections! As big of a fan of the pins as I am, I would not do this. First off, these vests would be very hot to wear! Second, you couldn't sit down and lean back comfortably and I am all about being comfortable on vacation.

Yes, I did ask permission to take the photos and talked to them about their collections. The older gentleman with the red/black vest said it weighed 12 pounds! Now that is dedication. Also his wife made these vests and while you can't see from the photos, the black squares have a Mickey head embossed in them.

Anyone else noticed people wearing their collections? Would you?


  1. I'm with you, it's usually too hot, and I'm all about comfort, so, nope, this isn't for me.

    1. These vests would mean you would have to get up close and personal to see any one pin, not in my comfort zone to do that!


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