Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do You Disneybound?

by Heather Kaminski

Do You Disneybound?

….What the heck is that?
YES! It’s so much fun!
These are the typical responses I get from people when asked if they “Disneybound.”

Disneybounding is something that people have been doing forever, but the namesake was created by Leslie Kay who is, according to her Pinterest page, a “Blogger, designer and adventurous free spirit”.  The basic idea behind Disneybounding is to create outfits based around beloved Disney characters.

This doesn’t mean that you are buying a princess dress and walking into the park, but you’re giving a little “wink” to the spirit of the character you are trying to represent.

For example, a very basic idea for Disneybounding would be Mickey Mouse. If you throw on some red shorts, a black top, and yellow flats you’re all set! You could also do a spin on Mickey Mouse that includes a slinky black dress with red accessories and yellow stilettos. You can go as casual, chic, or modern as you like!

Leslie created a Tumblr page with thousands of outfits pieced together to represent different characters, but Disneybounding goes so much further than that. Think of any detail that you love about the Disney brand. I’m talking about the parks, rides, movies, music, food (yes, even food!) I bet if you do a quick internet search, you could find ideas for an outfit to go along with it.

When choosing your outfits, try to keep in mind the colors and textures of what you are trying to characterize. If you are trying to resemble a Disney character, you’ll want to look at the main colors that are represented as well as where they are located on the characters body. To do an “Under the Sea Ariel”, you could wear a purple top with a green skirt and a red bow. I would add some sparkle to this outfit to symbolize a glittering sea. Colors that aren’t as prominent should be used in the form of accent pieces like jewelry, purses, bandanas or bows.

So now that you know a little more about Disneybounding, how about giving it a try? What or who would you want to represent? Look through your closet before you go and try to piece together some ideas!

I have some things planned for our next trip to WDW, so stay tuned!

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