Monday, November 10, 2014

Even Someone Who Isn't a Disney Fan Can Have Fun at Walt Disney World!

by Josh Soifer

I would not consider myself a Disney fan.  I like some Disney movies and products but for the most part I am lukewarm to them.  I don’t run out and see everything in the theaters and usually wait for DVD/Netflix/Etc.  The Disney Brand experience is somewhat lost on me. A friend of mine who is a huge fan once told me, based on conversations we had about movies and such, that I would probably not enjoy it much.

So when my wife talked about going to WDW I was not very excited but willing. Even with a lack of enthusiasm the planning began.

For those of you who feel similarly I have a piece of advice.  Not the typical vacation advice of where to stay and what to do.  Not on how to save money and get the best bang for your buck.  This advice is on how to enjoy the Disney Brand experience your family is asking for. (Caveat** I do not have children so a vacation for me is all about what my wife and I want to do)

My Disney fanatic friend heard about us planning a trip and ½ jokingly turned to his wife and asked if they could swing adding another week at WDW.  Without hesitation we invited them to join us.  Details were worked out and they were in!

They helped us plan the best trip possible.  We chose a place to stay, planned a few events and scheduled some meals.  Their knowledge was useful, but their enthusiasm was infectious!  I could not help but feel the excitement and attraction of this magical place with them oozing their childlike wonder at every character sighting and ride.

It was so infectious, three years later, we are planning another trip with Nick and Barbie, and I couldn’t be more excited.

So my advice, invite a Disney Fanatic who has visited the parks a few times. Let yourself get caught up in their enthusiasm and you will have a blast.

 Barbie, Nick, Jill and Josh

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  1. SO much fun! How lucky were you to get to plan and go to WDW with 'veterans'.


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