Thursday, January 30, 2014

Introducing: The Jar of Disney Buttons

By: Nick Maglio

Back before the pin collecting craze, there were buttons, and I collected them. I used to have a large piece of black felt that I hung them on. During one of my moves though, I took them off, put them in a jar, and never got around to hanging them back up.

I thought every now and again, I'd bring a couple out, and since some Lion King buttons are clearly visible in the photo above, I will share those.

At the Disney Store I worked at in the early 90's, we had buttons to promote movies, and introduce our guests to new characters. There was a little movie called The Lion King that was being released in 1994.

I had the great fortune to see it during it's Radio City Music Hall World Premier run.

Look for more buttons from The Jar in future posts.

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