Sunday, January 12, 2014

1900 Park Fare

Editors Note: I posted a very similar article to this yesterday, but my friend Gaylin sent this the day before I published mine, and she did not have prior knowledge of that article.
Despite having never met, and living thousands of miles apart, we share a love of Disney, and are very much on the same wavelength. As they say, great minds think alike.-Nick

by Gaylin

I do love Walt Disney World dining and do try to go someplace different at least once a vacation. I also am a fan of buffets as I have found Disney makes it easy to get safe allergy friendly food! When you arrive at the front podium to check in, let them know you have allergies and once you are seated a chef comes out and does a walk through of the buffet and shows you what is safe.

That being said, really I love the buffets where I get to interact with characters! 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian is one such restaurant. We had dinner reservations for the first seating and got to the resort early to walk around, enjoy the ambience and take some photos.

Then it was time to check in, shortly after we had our first plates from the buffet, a grand announcement goes up and Prince Charming and Cinderella come out! Very exciting. As they start to circulate and take photos, out comes Lady Tremaine with her daughters, Drizella and Anastasia.

Me and the Prince, and yes he was very charming!

I always feel like a scruffy step-daughter beside Cinderella in all her finery. She was so sweet!

I did try but I just can't do the Lady Tremaine face, must be the make-up . . . and that hair!

Anastasia was quite happy that we were in matching pink, see her beautiful smile . . .

Drizella was not so impressed that I matched her sister, sorry. I did try complementing her on her lovely make-up but she informed me that she wasn't wearing make-up, this was her natural beautiful state. Oops, my bad.

We did have a great meal, I got a special dessert made just for me, we left full and happy.


  1. I like that you guys had similar articles without knowing what each other was writing, as they say "great minds think alike".

    1. Since Nick is kind enough to let me send him any article I want to - this coincidence is even more remarkable!

      Hopefully if (when!) I get to meet Nick and Barbie, we all like each other . . . it would be tragic if we didn't.

      At least we know we like to eat in the same places.


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