Sunday, January 5, 2014

Walt Disney World Kodak Watch, Lost and Found

By: Nick

As I've talked about in past posts, I have a lot of stuff. Much too much to display all at once. And, in my youth, I moved frequently, so would put stuff in boxes, not to be seen again for years. Many items are in our attic, basement, and garage.

I often will see something out at a flea market or antique shop, and say "I have that." My wife will say "Really? Where?".
To which I will sheepishly reply "I have no idea.".
 Sad, really.

While putting some stuff away in the garage, I opened a box, and there sitting on top, was this watch:

I remember this watch, just like I remember the magic. What I couldn't remember, is how it was distributed. I knew, obviously, it was a Disney World/ Kodak promotion, but could not remember if it was in store or mail away. A Google search has revealed it could be obtained with a proof of purchase from a roll of film and $7.95.
What's a roll of film? Kids, ask your parents.

I had a couple, and wore one. I put this in a box, to be rediscovered 15 (!) years later.

Made for Eastman Kodak Company, 1997.

I found another item in that box, also celebrating Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary.
Stop back tomorrow to see it!


  1. That is very cool. Usually promotional items are kind of junky, that looks nice and solid. Good find. Need help going through boxes, I will help!

  2. Replies
    1. If I lived closer, I would. I love to sort and clean and condense and arrange things! I have had more than one friend ask me to come over and help them set things right. I would never be hired as a designer but show me your clutter and I can organize it!

  3. my sister always looks for old disney items to get me for Chrismas, and i got one of these 9box and all) this year.


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