Friday, January 17, 2014

A Thrilling Magic Kingdom Metal Lunch Box

I love lunch boxes. They remind me of the (relatively) carefree days of my youth.
I had a metal lunch box, of course, but confess, it wasn't a Disney lunch box!
As an adult, I've made up for this, by buying as many reasonably priced boxes as I can get my hands on.
I got this one on eBay several years ago.

 This box is pretty exciting! 
Mickey, Donald and Pluto enjoy Space Mountain, which seems to have broken free of the attraction building, and has flown past Cinderella Castle, as a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean prepares to take aim and shoot the errant craft down!

Then there's the back, which is, arguably, even more dramatic.

Mickey's nephews, Morty and Ferdie, while trying to get away from an escaped elephant from The Jungle Cruise are running right into the path of the runaway train over at Big Thunder Mountain, while the Haunted Mansion caretaker looks on!
I hope those crazy kids will be okay!

This is all too much for me! Let's calm down by taking a ride on It's a Small World.

The image continues all the way around the sides of the box.

The inside is actually pretty clean.

From the thermos, it looks like Mickey is okay and enjoying the fireworks, thank goodness. It was  some day!

1979, Walt Disney Productions.

By Aladdin Industries Incorporated, from Nashville, Tennessee.

We'll be away at Walt Disney World for a week, but we'll be sharing trip photos here and on our Facebook page:


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