Friday, January 3, 2014

Big Top Souvenirs at The Magic Kingdom

By: Nick

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the Storybook Circus portion of the New Fantasyland expansion, to discover the most stupendous, the most terrific, the most fantastic new shopping experience in all of Walt Disney World: Big Top Souvenirs!

That may have sounded like hyperbole, up there, but this really is a fantastic place, with a circus tent atmosphere located in the new Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom next to Pete's Silly Sideshow.

The fun starts before you even get inside the store. On one of the days we visited, 2 Cast Members were out front, and they were pin trading in a new and novel way.

The pins were presented on popcorn themed cushions! Love it!

The circus atmosphere continues throughout your shopping or dinning experience. 

I did say dining, as there is a snack section and a beverage section. I didn't have any of the goodies this trip, but will be sure to the next time I go to the circus.

It's great to see one of my all time favorite characters, Humphrey the Bear, represented. Not familiar with Humphry? Please check out some posts about him here.

There are circus cars all around the store, serving different purposes, such as this embroidery station.

Checkout locations.

They have all sorts of merchandise, from your basic Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse tees...

... to special items, such as these hats, mugs and plates featuring Dumbo.

So come one, come all, to the newest and best store in all of Fantasyland: Big Top Souvenirs!


  1. Fudge! Do they still have fudge at Big Top?
    I know at the old Toon Town, this was where I would need a fudge fix. Yum, Pumpkin fudge in the fall.
    This is a great overall shop for getting souvenirs, a bit of everything.

    1. Not sure about the fudge, but I will be sure to check in a couple weeks! Sounds like another article- snacks of the Big Top

  2. This sounds like an article that I will have to write, the sacrifice, well, it will be worth it! Yum yum!

    1. The only time I ever eat fudge - at WDW! Such a sacrifice for both of us but research must be done!


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