Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do You See Tinker Bell at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

by: Nick

A few weeks ago, someone on Facebook posted a photo from the exit of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and said that it was a hidden Tinker Bell.
On our recent trip, I searched it out and photographed it for myself.

I'm a little skeptical. Why would they hide Tink outside of Big Thunder?

What's your opinion? Tinker Bell, or overactive imaginations?


  1. I have a pretty good imagination and I can't see a Tinkerbell . . .

  2. I can't see it either. I mean, there's places where I think she could be, but I couldn't say for sure.

  3. She is standing, hovering facing left.....It's a side profile. She is listed in Steven Barrett's Hidden Mickeys book.

  4. Ah, I see it now, thanks, van!


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