Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dinoland at Animal Kingdom . . . That flat car!

Dinoland at Animal Kingdom . . . That flat car!

By: Gaylin

I have a few places at Disney World where taking a photo is a must-do. One of them is in Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom. Every trip I say, "Time to take a photo in my new car!". Even if I am on a solo trip I get someone to take my photo, because it is "my car" . . . not yours!

I figured you didn't need to see all the flat car photos, 3 is plenty.
This first photo is from 2005, me and my shaved head again.

This photo is from 2006, we were on a tour at the Animal Kingdom and they all thought I was nuts to want the photo of the 4 of us and the tour guide (she is the one hanging off the back of the car). Then when it was time to take the photo, everyone hauled their cameras out.

This is from my first solo trip in April 20, 2008, taken by some random stranger! If you ever go on a solo trip, don't be afraid to ask cast members or strangers to take your photo. They will, can't say the photo will always work out but they will take one.

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