Thursday, January 16, 2014

Epcot - Japan Candy Artist

by Gaylin

Until recently, on the Epcot schedule, Japan had a candy artist. Her name was Miyuki and she was a wonderful artist, a great entertainer and her results were edible! Her cart was in front of the store at Japan and it was partially cordoned off as the rice candy had to be kept very hot to be pliable. Sadly she retired on November 23, 2013, she had been entertaining at the Japan pavilion since 1996.

She would ask for suggestions from the crowd as to what animals to make and once she had an idea, she would colour some of the rice candy and start working! She made more than one piece of art per show and it was amazing how fast she worked.

When we saw her, the first piece she made was a unicorn.

The second piece was a bird, not sure what kind but it is a beautiful shade of blue.

Miyuki did not always stay behind the cart, she walked around and sculpted while she walked and talked – multi-tasking at its finest. This is the beginning of a dragon.

The finished dragon.

I am not sure what this is but it was by far the most complicated piece of the show.

And finally, she asked me what I would like, I blurted out dolphin and got this lovely creature! Sadly I can't tell you how the candy tastes as it is made from rice and I am allergic. My friend said it was very good, he was glad to not have to share.

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