Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Expedition Everest – Experience of a Life Time!

By: Shendl

On my last trip in 2004, a mountain was rising out of Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I made a vow then and there, that I would ride Everest on my next trip!

Fast Forward to Sept 2013…

Our first day in Walt Disney World was in Animal Kingdom. I had preselected my FastPass Plus’s(we had Magic Bands), our chosen ones were Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur and Expedition Everest!

We started out with Breakfast at Tusker House, followed by a wet ride on Kali River Rapids and then we made our way towards Everest.

The walk up to the ride is very well themed (it is Disney, after all) and there is a lot to look at on the walk to the Entry to Everest. We touched our Magic Bands to gain entry at our chosen FastPass + Window.  Being September, the crowds were very low so there were not a lot of people in the queues and the standby lines were moving very quickly. With the FastPass we basically walked right on. We were loaded into our vehicles, stowed away our belongings and off we went.

The beginning of the ride is quite slow and you get to see lots of Animal Kingdom on the way up to Everest itself.

When you enter Everest is where the FUN begins.

I won’t reveal too much in case some of the readers haven’t ridden this yet.

I can tell you that there is a part in the dark where you are going backwards and you also go forwards down a curved track very fast!!

I enjoyed this ride but I must admit when I got off it, my heart was beating so fast!!

It is worth riding Expedition Everest, even if you only ever do it once. You can at least tick it off your Disney Bucket List!

Some TIPs for riding Everest:

    •    If you are a Pin Trader and are wearing your Lanyard, either take in off before the ride or tuck it into your clothes. The speed’s you are going can cause pins to come loose and you could possibly loose some.
    •    The hold compartments in the ride are not very large, only big enough for small items such as Caps, Sunglasses etc. Make sure you have your backpacks and handbags securely between your feet.
    •    The PhotoPass (now Memory Maker) Screens are right at the exit of the ride before you walk into the shop. Make sure to write down the number of photo before you head to the counter to have it added to your package or to purchase the print.
    •    You may experience Motion Sickness on this ride so make sure to take some motion sickness medicine before you ride.

AWESOME Ride – WORTH every second!!


  1. This is my favorite ride, but my poor hubby gets extremely motion sick on the backwards part. I use the single rider queue to get to the ride quickly!

  2. Sadly, this ride makes me motion sick. I went on it in 2005 and got very woozy. Next trip, I was sure I would manage it better - nope. I love the idea of the ride, the nearly getting sick part is not so fun.

  3. I hope that you did not learn the lesson you offer about Pin lanyards at the end of the article the hard way! Nice post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank Goodness I didn't!! A kind lady in the next batch of people, saw my Lanyard and shouted to me to put it under my shirt...I am sure I would have lost some if she hadn't had given me that tip! Glad you enjoyed the post


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