Sunday, June 16, 2013

We are Graduates of Monsters University!

As anyone knows, when you attend school, the first thing you need is an ID and your class schedule, which is exactly what we received when the both of us attended Monsters University this weekend. We were allowed to pick our own "class photo" and we were required to choose a new and scary last name for ourselves. (Monster Classes are also held at random times during the week, especially when it looks like there are a lot of scary little monsters around, looking for schooling!)


Once everyone has been issued their ID cards, the fun begins. Our teacher was extremely well versed in monster training, working us through our paces, teaching us the tippy toe maneuver; screaming, roaring and growling, and a few other cool moves to scare friends, neighbors and class mates alike!


Here we all are trying to fill a canister with our roaring and screaming. It took us a while to fill it up, but as we're newbies, our instructor gave us a few goes at it. I wonder what the rest of the people in the mall walking by must have been thinking. I bet we scared them away! As you can see, we were a tough group.

At the end, since we all passed with flying colors, we were each given a school pennant and sent out into the world to do a little scaring. Boo!


  1. I am terrified!!! Augh, runs away screaming . . .

    Seriously, how cool is this! Love the pennant.

  2. Oh yeah, you would have run if you had seen our clowny jazz hands! Truly terrifying!

  3. Replies
    1. Excellent question, Lisa, I'm not sure. It would be a great event there as well.


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