Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Epcot's China Pavilion

Guest Writer Wednesday

Epcot's China Pavilion
By: Gaylin

I love going to the China Pavilion. The pathway into it, the bridge over the pond to this amazing building. The intricate details, the gold leaf, the colours, it is truly beautiful.

And then if you are a Disney geek like me, you lay down on the floor in this wonderful building so you can get this photo! I had the whole room to myself when I laid down on the floor but a family walked in just as I took the photo and their teenage daughter looked at me as if I was insane. Snicker . . . just a bit insane!

I love the replica of the Terracotta Army, I wander around looking at the individual faces, I find it fascinating.

And the other artwork in the display room is also lovely, the pavilion is generally quite quiet and peaceful, a lovely place to stop during a busy vacation.

I don't love the film at the pavilion and am hoping it gets updated sometime soon. Even though I skip the film, I do love to wander through the rest of it, the shop has a myriad of small things to look at. Even the packaged chopsticks are amazingly ornate. While I doubt I ever will go to China the country, going to the pavilion is always a highlight for me.

Also, in front of the pavilion you may catch sight of Mulan and get a photo with her, she is lovely to behold and quite polite as well.


  1. I love the China Pavilion too, Gaylin, all those Tomb Warriors, they are just fascinating! Quite an artistic endeavor!

    1. I think it must have been a massive undertaking to make the life sized Tomb Warriors, the small ones look like a lot of work as well.

  2. Great job, Gaylin! I kind of like the movie, but then, I'm a film geek anyway.


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