Wednesday, June 26, 2013

POP Staircase Covers

Guest Writer Wednesday

POP Staircase Covers
By: Gaylin

I have stayed at the Pop Century Resort 5 times now and I love this resort. While it is a value resort, the theming and general atmosphere are terrific. There is so much to see and enjoy. I often get home from a 14+ hour theme park day (admit it, you stay that long as well!), and go to my room, drop all my stuff, wash my face, brush my teeth and then take my sore feet back out onto the resort grounds for a walk.

What astonished me on my first vacation there was the amazing structures that were built just to cover the exterior stairways. Giant structures that not only hide the stairways but lessen the noise of people using the stairways. I do love Disney's attention to detail.

I think the first ones I noticed and realized that they were covering the stairs were the yo-yo's!

Of course I had to climb the stairs inside a huge yo-yo, just to say I did it and took this very 'artistic' photo while inside.

Next up, bowling pins in the 1950's section. Huge bowling pins, how cool.

Another great thing about all these stairways, they are power washed on a regular basis and well lit at night, even with tired feet, I would often climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, yep, just a bit enamoured with the covers!

In the 1970's section there are great huge 8-track tapes. Don't worry if you don't know what they are, I figure a lot of guests don't! I wish I had taken photos of the backs of all the different 8-tracks, they all had made-up very funny song lists on the back.

My very favourite covers are in the 1980's/1990's section, the Rubik's Cube. They look great in the daytime!

They look awesome on the inside with the sun coming through.

And really wonderful at night, outlined in neon!

The Pop Century rooms are standard small rooms but the grounds and theming of the resort are above and beyond a 'value' to look at.

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