Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monsters U. Pin Promo at the Disney Store

The Disney Store is having a special offer right now as a promotion for the upcoming Monsters University. Buy any Monsters Inc. merchandise and get your choice of two pins for $5.00. I chose "George Sanderson," the monster who was contaminated by a human's sock. The cat you see in the background, he can't get enough of human socks, he hoards them, in fact. Watch out George!


 These two will probably work together to take over and create their very own sock empire. The cat has already been eying up George's sock! 

Look at that adorable sock! George doesn't even know it's there! Shh! Don't tell him, it will probably freak him out! Below is the pin that Nick picked out. Each week, a different Monster Fraternity or Sorority pin is being released. That is a great promotion. They also threw in a couple buttons.


Welcome home George, we're so happy you're here!


  1. I love George, that sock - tres adorable!

    I sure wish my Disney store wasn't so far away (at least now that I don't have a car it is!).

  2. Gaylin, George is on the disneystore's website for a huge bargain, check it out!


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