Sunday, June 2, 2013

Walt Disney World's Ticket Prices, Then and Now

Today Walt Disney World and Disneyland ticket prices are increasing. This prompted a lot of discussion on various Facebook groups about the exorbitant prices that a family must spend for a Disney vacation. It also made people ask "Do you remember when it was only _____ to get into the park?"

Caution, if you are faint of heart, and seeing what a vacation to Disney World used to cost will bring you pain, look no further!

These items were sent to me by my wife's Aunt Sandy, Uncle Roger, and cousin Jill from their trip to Walt Disney World in July of 1982, just a couple of months prior to EPCOT Center's opening.

From their park tickets, we can see what days they visited, June 30th and July 2nd, 1982.

This was Jill's child's ticket.

$17 for a 2 day passport!  Adjusting for inflation, that is approximately $41 in 2013.
A 2 day pass for kids 3-9 as of today is $172.

Aunt Sandy and Uncle Roger's Tickets.
Their tickets were $21, which adjusts to just under $51 in 2013!

Today a 2 day ticket for ages 10 and up is $184!

Adjusted for inflation, $1 is under $3 today. Parking at the time I originally wrote this article in 2012 was $14.

I'm no sure if the parking lot is still broken down into the same characters, as we don't rent a car when we fly in. On this day, they were parked in Pluto, space 21.

There is obviously more to do at a Disney Park today than 31 years ago. And operating costs I'm sure have increased dramatically. But what is the point when families stop going to the Parks because they simply can't afford it anymore?


  1. I think the closest thing you can get to a real deal on park tickets is if you live in Florida and get an FL residents annual pass and go often. Otherwise all us vacationers who travel must suck it up and pay the price.

    But it will definitely get to the point where my annual trip becomes a once every two year trip because of cost of park passes, flying and hotel.

  2. I wonder if all those trees are still in the middle of that parking lot? Somehow I doubt it. Hasn't the parking area more than doubled since then?

    1. Not sure Gaylin. We have been in the lot when traveling with friends, but I honestly never really pay attention.

    2. I know that it is often quoted that the entire Disneyland Park area (California Adventure, parking the works) is the same land area as the parking lots at MK.

      Have you ever left MK on the Disney bus and while driving past the parking lots thought, these things never end!

  3. Can Imagine how PACKED the parks would be if tickets prices where that low?

  4. Those were the days. I'm glad I got my AP before they went up!

    1. I bought ours Saturday for next year. I thought I'd have until August, but, oh well.


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