Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Disney Store Morning Opening Ceremony

Each day, people of all ages wait in anticipation for the Disney Store to open, like this young lady.

But the opening of the Disney Store is a special event, and deserves a special ceremony!

A young prince or princess volunteers or is chosen to assist in the opening. We hear an announcement telling us that kids of all ages are welcome.

The Key to Imagination is brought forth, to unlock the power of storytelling!

The princess on this occasion was shown the special key, and told what the D symbolized, Disney of course!

She was then shown the castle on the other end.

The key is then inserted into the lock, and we are all invited to count down from 5 to 1.

When the key is turned, the ropes drop. Rope Drop, Disney Store Style! The honoree is given a mini key replica!

The store is now open, and Tinker Bell spreads pixie dust among the animated trees, and fireworks explode as well, welcoming us to enjoy a little piece of Disney Magic away from the parks.


  1. We did! Ours was different that yours! It involved COSTUMES and MAGIC!!! LOL But it was very cool!!!

  2. Is this only at this particular location?
    I have never seen this before in my area. I'm in MA.

    1. Apparently it is in many other stores, some of which have different ceremonies

  3. I have never been to the store here in Vancouver at opening, so I have no idea if this happens but it is pretty darn cool.


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