Monday, June 24, 2013

Monsters University-A Review with Spoilers, So Watch Out!

We went to see Monsters University on opening night with friends and our five year old Godson. Our theater was packed with families. That probably made this movie a better experience for me, you see, the animated short that started the movie off "The Blue Umbrella" was, as usual, amazing, and in fact, more touching than the actual movie itself! Our audience clapped after the short, they were really into it!

Monsters University started off strong and seemed to fade off quickly. I was waiting for some of the scenes to show up from the previews that were playing on TV, and none of them were in the movie. What a letdown! Maybe the movie would have been better if they had included the scene where Sully makes Mike into a disco ball? I don't know. Even though there were some laughs, I found myself wondering when the movie was going to end! What's wrong with me?

My expectations are high. That's the problem. Monsters Inc. has such heart, you really can't get the story out of your head. Remember Kitty? Who doesn't! There is nothing like that in this movie.

There is a multitude of characters, many of them laugh-out-loud funny. Some of them memorable. Some scenes are very cute. And at certain scary points of the movie, we could hear a kid saying, "I want to go home now!"

Our audience roared, screamed and growled, hmm, they must have gone to Scare School, like we did! I'm sure most of the audience really enjoyed the movie, and there were some great parts, but it's not a movie that you'd put in your DVD or Blu-ray collection.

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  1. Very good Prequel to Monsters Inc. Even those who have not watched Monsters Inc. can go for it.


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